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Just Sarah WHO?

So, I’ve been putting this off for so long, I think it’s just because I don’t know how to introduce myself. I wanted to write something that made me sound cool and mysterious all at once but I thought about it too much and turned it into someone who didn’t sound like me at all (I’m still cool and mysterious though, amongst other things).

I’m a girl who loves surrounding herself with beautiful things.

I’m a girl who takes procrastination to a whole new level (I opened Instagram and Snapchat twice whilst writing that short opening paragraph… and opened a packet of popcorn).

I’m a girl who is hoping that this blog helps with said procrastination.

I’m a girl who loves everything creative.

I’m a girl who has an uncontrollable love for all animals (especially wolves and cats, weird combo right).

I’m a girl who adores the cheesy teenage movies (think A Cinderella Story and She’s The Man).

I’m a girl who doesn’t let her anxiety stop her from doing the things she loves most.

I’m a girl who can jam out to any song with a good beat (pop, country, punk, you name it).

I’m a girl who loves food (just finished that whole bag of popcorn).

I’m a girl who doesn’t drink alcohol (doesn’t stop me dancing the night away though).

I’m a girl who puts her family and friends before anything else.

I’m a girl who loves shopping but who looks for a bargain rather than buying something expensive (who wants to spend £100 on a dress you’ll wear once?!)

I’m a girl who wants to spend her life travelling.

I’m a girl who just finished her education and is excited to get on with the next chapter of her life.

I’m a girl who just counted all her favourite books on her shelf (procrastinating) and counted 23.

I’m a girl who is in love, unconditionally.

I’m a girl who just re-read this 12 times to make sure she doesn’t sound like a crazy person.

But then I realised that these are all who I am, I’m Just Sarah and if you like the sound of her I’d love for you to follow me through my journey (how cliched, I know).

I want this blog to be somewhere I can just write my thoughts about everything in life along with some fun and laughs along the way, including make-up, fashion and travel!

I hope you guys like my first post, there’s a lot more coming your way soon!

Stay Happy,

Just Sarah

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