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My Tattoo Stories!


I just got a new tattoo! I’ve always been into tattoos, forever having henna and fake ones when I was younger. I thought it would be nice to go through my 5 tattoos with you today and tell you the stories behind them!

1st February 2015

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 15.29.19

On this day I got my first ever tattoo. I’d been planning it for weeks and had to wait ages to have it done because they were so booked up but it was worth it!

I got my best friend to design it out of loads of different mandala’s that I really liked and came up with this design. I fell in love immediately and even got her to practise drawing it on me to see what it looked like. It’s just on the inside of my forearm and I’m not going to lie but yes it did hurt! All tattoos hurt! It hurt especially more closest to my elbow crease. This tattoo took about 2 hours to complete and cost £100 which I think is a great price for the amount of detail that has gone into it.

Mandala tattoos have a lot of different meanings, to different people. For me, it was to help with my anxiety as a way of calming and relaxation. I’d been going through a tough time with my anxiety but I’d gotten through and come out stronger so I wanted to get this tattoo as a reminder, that if I ever felt that way again I could look down and remind myself that I’ve already gotten through it once before so I can do it again!



4th July 2015


I got this tattoo whilst I was working abroad in a place called Alcudia in Majorca. I worked there for 3 months and had a lot of ups and downs. I got this tattoo towards the beginning of my time out there. It was something that I’d always wanted to get but it took a while for me to find someone to do it who understood English. I was  a bit cautious obviously because you have to be make sure wherever you’re getting your tattoo at is clean and sterile, to stop you getting any infections. But I was able to check this place out and I believed that it was spotless and that made me less nervous. But it cost me €40!! That was the minimum price for any tattoo over there, but I was working so I had the money.

My friend out there at the time got the same tattoo near her shoulder too so it always reminds me of her. I like it because when I look at it, it reminds me of my time abroad and the fact that it isn’t a perfect love heart reminds of the fact that it wasn’t the perfect time away but I enjoyed it anyway.


8th April 2016


It was quite a while then until I got another one, but I’d spent ages planning and booking  it. I got my best friend to draw the design again and she came up with this beautiful one. It’s kind of a mandala lotus flower, and lotus flowers are these beautiful flowers that blossom in mud and murky waters so it’s like something beautiful coming from something that isn’t. I thought of it as overcoming my anxiety, a representation that you can get through it, and something good will come from it.

This tattoo really hurt. It was right on my spine and it sent vibrations all through my body. It only cost about £60 though and took about 40-50 minutes to complete, I don’t think I could’ve sat any longer at the time. I loved it loads, although when it healed you can see that the ink hadn’t developed properly on my skin, leaving it patchy and faded.



7th May 2016


This isn’t my tattoo but I thought I’d add it in anyways. My arm is on the right and my mums is on the left. I was quite surprised when she told me she wanted a tattoo, although she’d always supported my decisions to get one. She got a heart to match mine and then a tiny planet that represents my brother. I just think wrist tattoos are really cute, especially when they mean something to you.


15th August 2016

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 15.30.10

My next tattoo was quite a spontaneous one. For two weeks last summer I had my friend from America, Jake, over to stay with me whilst I showed him some of the best things England could offer! I loved the whole two weeks and on the last day I’d booked Jake in to get a tattoo of a ‘+’ on his forearm so when we went to get it I decided to get the same one, on the other side of my wrist. And it only cost me £10! This picture describes the meaning perfectly, because it does remind you to stay positive, and will always remind me of Jake!


27th June 2017


And finally comes one of the most exciting tattoos ever! I mean how beautiful is this tattoo! I have such a love for wolves, they’re stunning and extremely intelligent creatures, and if I could have one as a pet I so would! (Wolf dog anyone?)

At first I wanted half of the wolf’s face to  be a mandala pattern but along with the flowers at the bottom I decided that it would just be too fussy so just got the normal wolf’s head.

I didn’t want to go back to the same place I used to go so I found another tattooist instead.  She is called Chloe Harper and works for a tattoo studio called New-Identity Tattoo-Studio. The studio is about 2 hours away from my house which is a long way for a tattoo but between me and my friend we were having 4 tattoos between us. If you look at Chloe’s Instagram here you will understand why I chose her!

So I got my boyfriend to drive us there and my wolf was going to be first. I was so nervous because I’d never gotten a tattoo with such size before and also thought it would hurt a lot on my thigh. Chloe made me feel super comfortable but about 20 minutes into the flowers at the bottom I had a panic attack and had to lie still for a while, waiting for it to pass. This was the first time I’d ever gotten dizzy or panicky whilst having a tattoo but it’s quite regular if you haven’t eaten much or drank much. Chloe put me at ease and didn’t rush me to start again. I stayed lying down for the tattoo so I didn’t have to watch it and that made me feel a lot better. About 3 hours later and my thigh was finished. It was so worth the pain when I looked at how beautiful and detailed it was.

Then we had a dinner break and I was back on the table for my second, which was a cover up of my back.


This is a before shot and as you can see it’s very faded, even though it’d been just under a year, and some places hadn’t taken to my skin. So I just got Chloe to go over the existing tattoo (which hurt like hell, a few tears made an appearance) but it looks so much better now and she’s added a few other lovely details.



So overall I was so happy with both of my tattoos, my friend had one on her arm which is beautiful too and then also a cover up. Altogether we were in the studio for 9 hours with Chloe and she didn’t complain once! And for both tattoos we only paid £180 for them both each!! Which is an amazing price. I just want to thank the whole studio for making us feel welcome and putting up with my meltdown that I had! If you want to go check them out I’ll link their FaceBook link here.

See you soon!

Stay Happy, Sarah

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