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What Now?

I am officially finished with education. What a scary sentence. I’ve been in some sort of education for 16 years of my life and now it’s all over. Do I feel like I’ve learnt enough to become an adult? Absolutely not. But have I enjoyed those 16 years. Definitely yes.

Call me whatever but I was one of the kids who actually enjoyed school. I liked learning cool things, being surrounded by my friends and trying to figure out what I enjoyed doing. In college I became a bit more responsible, trying to find something to do with my life. Still couldn’t figure it out.

So university came and I decided to just do what I enjoyed instead which was making videos and doing photography. What an experience.

I graduated yesterday and I had the most amazing day, surrounded by my family and friends that I love, celebrating such an achievement. The world is now my oyster!

Did I figure out what I wanted to do at university? Sort of. I decided I couldn’t have a ‘sit at a desk job.’ I needed something that would be creative, and make me travel. I needed something that would let me meet people from all over the world. I needed that perfect job.

Unfortunately no this isn’t a blog post saying I got that job, this a blog post saying that I know what I want and although it might be hard to find, I know I can do it (confidence and all that jazz). For once I’m at a time in my life where I have no work commitments, so I can focus on what I want to do next.

I do have exciting things happening soon in my life but for now, work wise, I want to focus on me, my blog, my photography, and I also have a YouTube channel, Just Sarah’s Vlogs (go on click it).

Thank you education for helping me realise what I want to do for the rest of my life, would’ve been nice to teach me how to get a house though!

Stay happy,


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