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£20 Make-up Challenge!


This week I decided to do the £20 make-up challenge on my YouTube Channel. You can check the video out here but I thought I’d also do a blog post explaining the things I bought and how they were. I bought all my products from Superdrug and spent £19, although I did cheat a little bit and used the 3 for 2 deal on!



Firstly I used the MUA Pro-Base Moisturising Primer. I hadn’t realised how expensive things like primer and setting spray were, this was £4 which was one of the most expensive things that I bought. When I applied it to my face though it smelt very chemically and made my face quite red. It also didn’t feel much like a primer, more like just a moisturiser. When I applied my foundation over the top too, it didn’t seem to do anything. I probably won’t use this again and will stick with the ones I know.


Next I used the Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Concealer in Fair 02, and it was £2. Looking at it once I’d bought it, I realised the colour was quite yellow and wasn’t sure how it was going to look on my face. Not much product comes out on the brush with this concealer so I had to dip back into the bottle a lot to cover under my eyes and a few blemishes. Then I started to blend out straight away but the concealer had already dried on my face, so I had to rub the concealer with my beauty blender to spread it across my face. So it didn’t cover any of the places I needed and just looked like patches over my face. I don’t think I’ll be using this again.


Next was foundation and I bought the Collection Naturally Matt Foundation in Ivory 2, that was £2.99 but because of the deal I actually got this free. I thought the colour was a bit off to begin with, but it wasn’t too far from my skin colour. It was kind of like a mousse in a bottle and the consistency didn’t feel too bad. But when I applied it to my face using my beauty blender it was didn’t stay on my face at all. It stuck to some places and not others, leaving my skin looking very patchy, and even the places that it stuck, it didn’t cover up any of my blemishes. I would say though it did change the overall colour of my face to kind of the same colour but looking closely it was patchy and oily.


Next I used the Makeup Revolution Pressed Powder in Translucent, which was £2. It comes with it’s own make-up sponge but I used my own brush instead. The powder was decent, and did make my skin matte and not oily. For the price too I didn’t think it was too bad and if you had to get make-up on a budget, it was very worth it.

I used a bronzer next which I didn’t get a picture of as it was in a different make-up bag, because I actually use this now on a daily basis. It’s the MUA bronzer in Sunkissed Bronze and it was only £1, which I also got free! It was a lovely colour and blended out really well.


The next thing I used was the MUA Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit in Dark because that’s all they had left. But it wasn’t a bad colour and was similar to the Makeup Revolution palette that I already use. This was £3.50 and I got it free too in the deal.


Now was something I was really excited about, the MUA palette in Fire Vixen. It’s a lovely blend of neutral browns and bright reds and oranges. I used most of the colours on the bottom row and the middle shadow on the top row. These blended out really well, like most of the MUA eyeshadows and most of the colours were very pigmented, the matte more than the shimmers though. This only cost me £5 too which is just over 30p for one eyeshadow. You really can’t complain at these prices and I’ll definitely be using this again!


Another thing I bought was a mascara. It was the Collection Fast Stroke Defining Lash Mascara and it was only £2.99. I have tiny eyelashes anyway but even this made it look like there was actually something there! It was easily better than some mascaras that cost me £8-10. So I will be keeping this and using it again.


And lastly I finished it off with a Makeup Revolution Rose Gold lipstick in the colour Diamond Life, which is a darkish purple. It cost me £3 as well. It went on really smooth and the colour was actually really nice. It smelt good and it felt nice when it was on the lips. It wasn’t smudge proof but for the price you really can’t complain!

Check out the final look here!


I really enjoyed doing this video and would love to do more like this in the future!

Stay Happy


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