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Sarah and Skye- Wales Vlog Day 1

So last week me and my boyfriend Skye travelled to North Wales for 4 days for our one year anniversary. We vlogged it too, which we weren’t really expecting but we thought we’d share the footage we got! And hopefully there will be lots more vlogging to come in the future. Check out the first vlog here!

So we arrived at our first Airbnb late on Sunday night because Skye had been working. We were originally going to book with hotels because we’d never used Airbnb before but we looked and it is so much cheaper! The first house we stayed in was in Abergele, and it was just a house that the host didn’t actually live in, just rented it out to people. There was another guy staying there in the downstairs room called Keith and we had the upstairs one. We shared the bathroom and kitchen with him but he worked all the time so we actually hardly saw him. We had no problem sharing with anyone either, we were out most of the day too! Click here to have a look at the first property we stayed in! It was only £17 per night and we stayed for two, so with that and the service charges and cleaning it only came to £45.80 for us both! When we were looking at hotels, some would’ve cost us way over that for just one night! It was also so accommodating, and has every extra thing you would need!

We got to bed early and although I didn’t have a great nights sleep because I wasn’t well we got up at 10 to go and explore. We drove down to Betws-y-coed which is about 45 minutes from Abergele. It’s such a beautiful little town, so we parked up and checked out some of it’s waterfalls.

Then we drove the short distant to Swallow Falls and paid the small price of £1 to get through. It was so pretty, and we stood and just watched them for ages. It’s not really suitable for anyone in a wheelchair though because there’s stairs to get right down to the falls but you can stay further up at the top and see them down below.

Then we went across the road to the little cafe and had a nice sandwich before driving to Zip World near Betws-y-coed to see what was there we could do. We forgot it was the summer holidays though so it was very busy already. I would suggest booking in advance if you wanted to do any of their activities. They have a treetop adventure for children which has nets for safety and a bigger one for adults without the nets. Then there for the Fforest Coaster which is what we went on but the closest time they could give us was 5pm. So we booked it anyways, £20 each, which ended being the most expensive thing we did the whole trip, we were trying to do it on a budget.

In the meantime we went on a drive and ended up in Caernarfon and we got some snacks and medicine for me. We drove through the mountains though and even though it was raining, it was still beautiful! So we drove back just in time to go on our rollercoaster.

We had 3 goes and had to queue up each time. The first queue was huge because the weather was so bad so they had to leave a bigger gap in between the coasters so we didn’t crash into each other. It died down though each turn because people had gotten through all their turns. We also made friends with a lovely couple and their children who were travelling in a camper van all around Wales, so they gave us some great tips and the time flew by! The coasters were quite scary actually, me and Skye got in one, which we’d only seen kids and their parents do, not two adults. You do have a seatbelt though which is pretty reassuring. You have to go way up into the trees which actually takes a few minutes because you go so high up. I’m glad I went on with Skye because I’d be bored if not! Then the person at the back actually has to control the brakes, good job it wasn’t me, I’d have been useless! It tells you when to break and even if you don’t it does it automatically for you so there’s no danger there. And it actually goes pretty fast! We did really enjoy it though and thought it was well worth the money!

Then we did the hours drive home and stopped off at a chinese to get some tea. It wasn’t too bad, even though it didn’t have the best reviews. Then we chilled, and filmed a little bit extra for the vlog which you can find here, where we ask each other questions to see how well we know each other. Then we just showered and got to bed so I could try and have a better nights sleep.

You can check out the vlog for the first day again here!! Hope you enjoyed it and subscribe to my channel for vlogs from the rest of our trip!


Stay Happy


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