Sarah and Skye- Wales Vlog Day 2

On Day 2 we woke up early, and started packing up all of our things at our little BnB in Abergele. It was a nice little house and was very accommodating, with everything that you need! We then drove to Welsh Mountain Zoo which was about 15-20 minutes away.

Check out the Day 2 vlog here!

The zoo really was up in the mountains, and we took some windy roads to get up to it. It wasn’t very busy when we arrived because it was quite early but we still had to wait in quite a big queue. It was £14 each for entry and that’s including gift aid which I think is great admission price for a zoo of this quality! It was such a beautiful zoo, with one of the largest displays of animals I’ve ever seen. From brown bears, to gibbons, to tigers, to sea lions to the absolutely stunning snow leopards. These are one of my favourite animals ever and to see one this close was incredible. The also did things like bird shows and then a sea lion show which was great. It’s a very open zoo and it’s a great day out for children and adults alike.

Then somehow we managed to get lost walking back to the car so we had to trek up a massive hill which wasn’t fun! Finally we found the car and then we drove the short distance to our next home for two days. It’s close to Llandudno and Conwy and in such a cute little area. We were greeted by Beth and Bob who own the place and they showed us where we’d be staying. It’s an annex built in their garden so we were completely independent really, all we had to do was walk by the side of their house. It was a room with a bed, fridge, table and all the appliances you’d need like a toaster and a kettle. We also had an en-suite bathroom with the most amazing rain shower! Beth told us a bit about the area and then we settled in, before driving up to Conwy Castle.

We ate some dinner outside and then paid to get into the castle, which was about £9 each. I’ve been before but Skye had never been and it is such a beautiful place! The weather was really on our side too so it wasn’t too cold. I loved being able to walk up into the towers and the views from the top were just amazing.

After Conwy we went on a drive around Llandudno to see what there was around us. We ended up on a beautiful beach, on the opposite site to the pier. It was lovely and peaceful and there was lots of rocks we could climb and explore. After that we were quite tired so we drove back home and chilled for a bit. I actually fell asleep because I still wasn’t feeling great and then we drove to a place called Enoch’s Fish and Chips for our tea. It was great food as well, highly recommended!

We then filmed Skye doing my makeup, click here for the video! It was so much fun to film and I can’t wait to do a proper version with him in the future. Then we went to bed so we could get up early the next day!

Here’s the vlog from the second day again, and if you want to have a look at the two from the first day, check them out here and here! Thanks for reading and I hope you’re enjoying the vlogs! Subscribe to my channel for more to come!

Stay Happy



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