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Sarah and Skye- Wales Vlog Day 3 & 4

We woke up on Day 3 to the weather being a bit grim and grey but we drove up to the Great Orme in Llandudno and parked up and wandered around for a bit. It was very cold though, and extremely windy so we didn’t spend much time out of the car. I couldn’t believe how many people were cycling up there either, very impressed!

Check out the video for the 3rd and 4th day here!

We then drove back into Conwy because they’re very close to each other and parked up near the castle. we walked into town and found the smallest house in Great Britain!


It was ridiculously tiny and although it’s not lived in now, the last guy who lived there was 6″3! Skye is about 6″ and even he struggled because it was so tiny. The guy who lived there used to have to eat out all the time and shower at the little BnB down the road. It was an interesting experience that doesn’t take up much time and I think it was about £1.50 each.

Then we went to the National Trust Aberconwy House which was literally round the corner. As it’s national trust you do have to pay to look round which I think was about £6-7 each. It’s the oldest house in Conwy and I think was one of the first houses ever built in Conwy. It’s over 800 years old and they’ve created a different era in each room so it was very interesting to see how they used to live.

Then we went back to Llandudno and struggled to find a parking space. You might have to drive around for a bit and wait for one, it was extremely busy! We walked down the pier, and went into the arcade at the end for a bit and played some air hockey. Skye beat me 3-1 though. The on our way back we grabbed some doughnuts.


We then went back to our little house and I slept for a bit I think and then we showered and got ready and went for a Pizza Hut. It was right next to Cineworld too so we went and watched Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets which we both really enjoyed!

Then we headed straight to bed because we were shattered, and the next day we got up and started packing away all our things. Skye washed up his dishes and we packed up the car and left. Beth and Bob were the most perfect hosts and we couldn’t recommend staying with them enough!

We then headed back to Llandudno, to the beach we went to on the second day. The sea was out so there were lots of rocks that you could climb on so we spent ages doing that. We just chilled and relaxed for a bit, the weather was lovely again luckily. And then we drove all the way back home.


We had such an amazing anniversary and we can’t wait to plan our next trip. I hope you guys liked seeing our vlogs because there’s a lot more to come in the future! If you haven’t already check out the previous vlogs from our trip!

Wales Vlog Day 1

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Vlog Extras Day 2

Stay Happy!


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