YouTube Channels I’m Obsessed With!

Recently I’ve been watching a lot of Youtube in my spare time but I actually change who I watch quite regularly. So I thought I’d show you some of the channels that I’ve been obsessing over at the moment!

Now if you don’t know my first obsession, where the hell have you been?! His name is David Dobrik and I’ve no joke been watching his channel since his very first video 2 years ago! He now has 5.1 million subscribers and I think he deserves every single one of

photothem. His videos/humour are very tongue in cheek but I think it’s completely changed the vlogging style at the minute, instead of people just talking to a camera, he creates sketches and pranks his friends, making the videos different everyday. People watch his videos for his group of friends too, they’re a great bunch of people, that David can pretty much make do anything he wants for the vlog! He also uses his fame to help a lot of people, he created merch based on the cleaner from his friends house and in the first couple of days it was out, he raised $10,000 and gave it all to her. He also does very stupid stuff though like set fireworks off in his house or cover his friends in weird animals but it’s all part of the fun! I usually cringe when I watch prank videos because they make me uncomfortable but his just make me laugh!

If you haven’t already then go and check out his channel here!


The next channel I’m OBSESSED with is actually a travel channel. I watched their Thailand videos first and became addicted, even so that I watched every single one of their vlogs right from the beginning. Kinging-It consists of Craig and Aimee who are from Wales and love to travel! They are a hilarious couple who brighten my day daily! Their videos consist of these beautiful daily vlogs from their CrSfsKRWAAUV8Iftrips abroad, and also some in Wales, and then tips and tricks about travelling and equipment. I couldn’t get over the quality of their vlogs though. They use drone footage, which looks insane, but also little day to day footage of them being silly and giving us tips. I can’t stress how much I want these guys to grow, so that more people can see their amazing videos! They’ve also just been on an advert on the tele which is insane! I wish the best for these guys and can’t wait to see more travel videos in the future.

Check out their channel here!

And their beautiful Instagram page here!


Next on my list is actually a Buzzfeed channel. It’s part of Buzzfeed Blue called Buzzfeed Unsolved and under this they do a few different series’. The one I was particularly interested in was the Supernatural series, but they also do a True Crime series that I’ve C8R6HfqUMAAvHVtwatched too. Basically they look into supernatural cases such as exorcisms and hauntings that to this day have never been solved. The team consists of Ryan, the guy who has all the facts and also believes in the supernatural, and Shane, the guy who doesn’t believe in anything supernatural but is hilariously funny. They clash so well together and it makes it funny to watch but is also very interesting. They stay in a lot of the haunted places they study and they’re the best ones because I’ve always loved watching ghost hunting. Sometimes they find something, sometimes they don’t. I think Buzzfeed and the guys have done this series really well, to make it interesting but also appeal to the people watching it.

Check out the videos here!


Next is a genre (?) of videos that I find very entertaining at the moment! And these are videos where somebody will buy loads of cheap clothes/shoes from eBay and then unbox and try them on in the video. I’m fascinated by these, just to see what kinds of things people actually try and sell on eBay as authentic, my favourites are wedding/prom 12543150_1652859794956300_732334978_ndresses! One channel in particular who has been doing a lot of these lately is Patricia Bright. I’ve only just started watching her recently but she’s hilarious. She’s very honest in her reviews and it’s very refreshing to not have to watch videos where they’ve been paid to like it. One of her newest ones is her unboxing some different shoes she bought on eBay and I’ll leave the link for that here!




Leading on from those kinds of videos I’ve recently started watching Safiya Nygaard who left Buzzfeed this year to create her own content. She’s so funny, and also a very honest


reviewer. For her videos she does a range of trying ‘ugly’ pieces of clothing for a week, and she also does videos where she buys things that adverts on Facebook/Instagram show her, and she tells us if they’re actually worth it or not. Her latest one is buying ‘free’ things from Wish and you can check it out here!




And lastly is a fitness channel! I’m trying to get more into my fitness and this gorgeous girl has a great variety of videos on her channel. 18299796_406429086422594_6642445872799940608_nWhitney Simmons is an American youtuber who does different fitness videos every week but also more personal videos about her experiences and her past. She’s so interesting to watch and actually makes working out look like fun! She’s also great at makeup too so it’s an overall great channel to watch for some variety and fun! She’s also just created her own merch which is workout gear and it’s the cutest stuff ever! And her dog Navy is adorable!

Check out her channel here!


I hope you enjoyed reading about the you tubers that I’m watching at the minute and hope you clicked on at least one new channel to check out. My favourite youtube channels are forever changing and so I’ll do more of these soon!

Stay Happy


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