Primark Lashes!


It’s no lie when I say I’ve been extremely skint lately (I’ve been saving for exciting things!) so when I went into Primark, I was amazed to find these beautiful lashes that were so cheap!


The first pair are from Girls With Attitude which I’ve never actually heard of before. These look a bit like wispies and they were only £3!


I do like these lashes, they’re quite similar to some Red Cherry ones I own but the only problem was that the lashes were all one length, so they didn’t go any smaller on the inner corner of my eye which was annoying because it kept touching my nose when I blinked. I just trimmed them a bit to make them shorter and this seemed to do the trick.

Next were the first pair of SOSU eyelashes. These are created by Suzanne Jackson and they’re gorgeous! They’re such a good quality pair even though they only cost £5 each. These are the Paris ones and they’re very similar to the others, just a bit smaller which I prefer because my lids are quite small anyways.IMG_0021edit

These are amazing quality lashes and I can’t wait to get different kinds!

And last are another pair of SOSU lashes, in New York. These ones are very similar to Paris, they’re just a bit longer and thicker. Again for only £5 these are amazing quality and they have a luxurious feel to them that you can only find with expensive lashes.


I can’t wait to use all of these lashes in the future for lots of different looks!


Stay Happy




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