Black and White Cut Crease


I decided to just do a little eye look today, I wanted to get into the dark colours again, with it nearly being October and all!

For my brows I thought I’d keep them quite natural and I used the Rimmel Brow This Way clear gel to fluff out my eyebrows so they’re not as smooth as normal. The gel then sets my eyebrows like this so the hairs don’t move. I then just used the L’oreal Brow Artist in Dark Brunette to add a few more hairs in the gaps I had. And that was all! I really like my brows like this, more natural than what I normally go for but I like them.


For my eyes I used the Morphe 35c palette and I used the light grey shade all over my eyes to begin with. And then I used the darkest black shade in my crease, and blended it all over my lid. When I was happy with the darkness of the crease, I used the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer and a lip brush to draw the line over my crease. I then just brushed white eyeshadow from the same palette over the top and blended it out of my outer crease. I then applied a tiny line of liner with the NYX Matte Liner.

For my bottom lash line, I used a bit of the lightest glittery silver from the Lick and Lash Beauty 35k palette. I then used the same black as before and underlined my eye and winged it out a little bit, under the white at the outer crease of my eye.

I applied the Red Cherry Stevi lashes and applied a coat of mascara to the top and bottom lashes with the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara. And I used a tiny amount of the TEN10 Cosmetics silver glitter in the inner corner of my eye as a highlight.

And that’s the look done! You could pair this with a simple lip, or a bright red for something like halloween.

I’ve also decided I’m going to be doing a look a day over the whole of October! It’s one of my favourite months and I really can’t wait to get into the Halloween spirit this year so I’m excited to do a look a day! So make sure you follow all my social media to see when I post a new blog!

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Stay Happy



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