31 Days of Halloween 2017, Make-up

Gangsta Clown (1/31)


This is the first instalment of my October series! Paying homage to one of my favourite makeup artists, Chrisspy, with this Gangsta Clown.

Check out the original video from her here!


To start I used the Pore Filler from NYX for the pores at the side of my nose and then for the rest of my face I used the Max Factor Max Finity Primer. For my face I used the Estee Lauder Double Wear concealer and foundation. Then to set all of that I used the NYX HD Finishing Powder. This powder makes your skin feel so soft!

Then for my eyebrows I simply just drew them on with my trusty NYX Tame and Fame in Espresso.


To prime my eyes I used the Urban Decay Priming Potion and blended that in. I then cut two small pieces of cellotape and placed them under my eye to create the template for the wing. Then I took the Morphe 35c palette and used the lightest brown shade all over my lids. Then I went in with the dark grey shade and covered my lids except from the middle of my lid. And then I did the same with the black. I blended them all out very well with my favourite Morphe M505 blending brush. I then packed on the brightest red from the palette onto the middle of my lid. And then I took the tape off and tidied up the edges.


For all of the black lines on my face I used the NYX Matte Black Liner, and it was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be! I suggest if you have a liquid liner that’s shaped like a pen, that might be easier to use than a long stick like this one. It took a lot of failed attempts before I got it looking like this! I drew the lines underneath my eye and lined my top lashes with eyeliner and carried the line on in my inner corner. Then I also drew the one over the top of my eyebrow too. Trying to get both sides the same is very difficult!

I then used the same black eye shadow under my eyes and blended to get it more smokey. And then applied the Maybelline black shadow pencil on my water line. I finished off my eyes with the SOSU Glam Lash Collection eyelashes in Milan.


For my face I used the Makeup Revolution Iconic Lights and Contour Pro palette for my contour. For my highlighter I used a mixture between the lightest colour in the Makeup Revolution Pro Glow palette and also the Makeup Revolution Baked Highlighter in Golden Lights (my favourite highlighter ever!)

Then I incorporated Chrisspy’s other clown look in by using a skull nose. I just used the same eyeliner to draw on my nose.


And finally for my lips I used the NYX Liquid Suede in Cherry Skies all over my lips. I then extended my lip line with the black eyeliner and used some black eyeshadow to line my lips and blend them into the middle. And then I applied some of the TEN10 Cosmetics glitter (orange one I think) into the middle of the lips to add some sparkle. And for a little extra I found some gems that you can just stick on your face, you can get them from most craft shops, and put them next to the lines that I drew.


I love this look and it’s a really easy one to do for Halloween, you don’t need to buy anything especially, just use the makeup you already own. I just dressed it up with a scarf from New Look around my neck, a red and white stripy top, and some high waisted jeans. You can adapt this look to suit you however you like, change the colours or make it look more dramatic.

And also big love to Chrisspy who came up with the beaut Gangsta Clown idea, she inspired this look!

Stay tuned for more looks everyday throughout October!

Stay Wicked


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