31 Days of Halloween 2017, Make-up

We’re all mad here (2/31)

IMG_0479editInspired by Alice in Wonderland’s mad cheshire cat, I wanted to do a dramatic look today. I used face paint with this look, but if you wanted to make it even simpler you can switch the face paint for eyeliner and it looks just as good! And it’s cheaper but I already had some paint from a different project.


So to start on this look I primed my face with the Max Factor Face Finity primer. Then I used the Revlon Colorstay foundation and the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. I didn’t concentrate as much on the bottom half of my face though because I knew I was going to cover it up with paint. To set all of that I used the NYX HD Finishing Powder.


For my eyebrows I used the NYX Tame and Fame to line the bottom of my brows. I wasn’t perfect with it this time because I still wanted them to be quite unruly. I used the Rimmel Brow This Way gel too to fluff my brows up a bit.


For my eyes I used the Morphe 35c palette mostly. I used more sellotape to get that straight wing too. Firstly I covered my whole eye in white and then used 1 on my lids. Then I used 2 over the top of that and down the outer corner to create the wing. I built up and blended the colour out a few times to get a really bright pink. I then used the pink colour that’s in my Lick and Lash Beauty Please Me palette because it’s a bit darker, to deepen my crease and add dimension. Then I used a tiny bit of 3 over my lids as well as the pink and blended it in.


I then peeled the tape off and used the NYX Matte Black Liner to draw the wing and over my eyes. I followed the liner on my inner corner and drew a little triangle to make it look more cat-eye like. I then filled that in with the NYX White Liner. I used a tiny bit of 2 under my eyes and blended that out. Then I used a black pencil on my waterline and blend underneath my eye. I then finished this off with the SOSU Deluxe Lashes in Holly, the perfect cat eye lashes!!


I applied mascara to the top and bottom lashes. Then to add a little more detail I used a bit of 2 under my eyebrow and following the line of my nose. This is another cat feature that I wanted to concentrate on. I also added the tiniest bit of a pink glitter from the Primark Glitter Obsessed eye cream palette. For the nose I used 2 to colour in the tip and then used 3 to outline it. I used a tiny bit of the NYX White liner to add a reflection to the top. And I also drew on the little whiskers with the black liner.


For the huge grin I used the Snazaroo black face paint to draw the outline of the lips using a paintbrush. I then used the Smiffy’s white face paint to draw the teeth with a really thin brush. After I’d drawn them I filled them in with the white and a thicker brush. I then filled around the teeth with the black, making them all sharp. And to finish off the teeth I used a tiny bit of black eyeshadow at the ‘gums’ to make them look a bit more lifelike.


For the face I used 2 on a big powder brush and used it as I would a contour, on my forehead and down the side of face to my cheeks. And then using 3 on a smaller brush I drew on the stripes that the cheshire cat has and then blended them out. And for my neck I used the same colours and big powder brush to draw more stripes coming from the centre of my chest. I then used a thinner brush to outline the colours.


As a little touch too I also used the eyeshadow on my hand, covering it in 2 and then using a smaller brush to detail with 3. For this look I couldn’t afford any cat contact lenses which I think would’ve looked cool! Instead I just edited my eyes so they were lighter!

And that’s the finished look! I hope you guys really like it, I’m loving doing these 31 Days of Halloween, they really make you think and get creative!

Check out the previous day’s look here and follow me to see tomorrows!

Stay Wicked


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