31 Days of Halloween 2017, Make-up

Beneath the Surface (3/31)

So this is the third look from the 31 Days of Halloween series! There’s so many skull looks out there and I’ve planned to do a few different ones but for this I wanted to a half glam, half skull look. I found a photo similar to this and used it as a template but there was no name on it so if anyone knows where it’s from please let me know so I can give credit! Let’s get started!

For my face I used the same products as I did yesterday. I used the Collection concealer and the Revlon Colorstay foundation. I set that with the NYX HD finishing powder and for my one brow I used the NYX Tame and Fame.

For my eyes I used another piece of sellotape for the wing and then used the Morphe 35N palette. I used a chocolate brown all over the lid and then used a dark red to blend it out. Because I wanted such a dark eye I used black then in my crease and all over my eyelid. I took the tape off and used the same colours blended under my eye. Then used the NYX matte black liner to draw my eyeliner on and applied the SOSU lashes in Paris. I then used a black kohl pencil to line my water line.

For the paint on my face I used the Snazaroo black face paint and the Smiffys white face paint. To start with I drew all the places I wanted to have a white background with the paint and a thick brush. For the parts where I wanted the white to blend in with my foundation I used an old beauty blender to just blend the two together. For my forehead I used a thick brush with the black to outline the white and draw on a few cracks. To deepen the cracks I also used some black eyeshadow to create more of a shadow. I also used the black eyeshadow all over my other eye to create the eye socket. I then used the same thin brush and paint to draw on my nose.

For my lips I’d already drawn on the white for my jaw and used a thin brush and black to draw the outline of the teeth. Once I’d done that I coloured in the bits in between and then used some black eyeshadow to blend them up to the ‘gums.’ I also drew on some more cracks on my chin too. And finally for my lips I used the NYX Liquid Lipstick in Cherry Skies on half of my lips.


And that’s the look finished! I hope you all like it and if you want to check out yesterday’s have a look here and stay tuned for tomorrow’s look!

Stay Wicked


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