31 Days of Halloween 2017, Make-up

Harley Quinn (4/31)


What’s Halloween without a Harley Quinn inspired makeup look! I’ve actually never tried a Harley look before, for one I look nothing like her, and for another when the film came out, everyone was doing it. So I changed this one up a bit with a cartoon look and lots of glitter! Let’s get started!

I used pretty much the same products again except I used the No7 Stay Perfect foundation because this is the palest one I had. Then I used the Collection concealer as always, and set them with the NYX HD Finishing Powder. For my brows I used the NYX Tame and Fame too.


For the eyes I used the Morphe 35c. I started with the white eyeshadow first all over my eyes. Then for the pink side I used my Lick and Lash Please Me palette, and put the light pink colour all over my eye. For the blue side I used an old Avon pale blue eyeshadow. Then I used the blue in the Morphe palette all over the eye. It doesn’t matter how messy you do this either, the messier the better! I then did the same with the pink and red colours in the Morphe palette mixed together and applied it all over my eye. I then used both colours on either side underneath my eye and so it falls down my cheeks too. Then I used black in my crease to make it deeper. I lined both eyes and drew a tiny wing with the NYX black liner. My eyelashes are the SOSU lashes in Milan.


Then for the glitter I used vaseline under my eyes to create the shape I wanted. I then used a plain silver glitter on both eyes. Then for the blue side I used the Barry M Glitter Rush in Aquamarine and over the top I used a Dust & Dance silver hexagon glitter. And for the red side I just used the Dust & Dance Ringmaster glitter.

For all the black line detail I used a thin brush and black Snazaroo face paint to create the lines and draw on the little heart on my cheek. And for my lips I used the NYX Lip Creams in Madrid and over the top used Laval red glitter and some fine silver glitter. I then lined my lips with the black paint, which was harder than I thought it would be!

And that’s the simple Harley Quinn look done! It’s a good look and easy to do, all you need really is the pink and blue eyeshadows and some liquid liner! I loved adding the glitter to this and make it look a bit more fun! For the eyes I just edited mine to look blue like hers!


Check out yesterdays look here and make sure you stay tuned for tomorrows!

Stay Wicked


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