31 Days of Halloween 2017, Make-up

Pisces (6/31)

So during my 31 Days of Halloween I wanted to do a few different horoscope looks! I won’t be doing them all but don’t be sad if I don’t do yours in October, I’ll do it afterwards! So first is Pisces, the fish. People who are Pisces are compassionate, artistic, wise and gentle. But they’re also fearful, overly trusting or have the desire to escape reality. I based my look on the symbol of the fish!


For this look I used the Revlon Colorstay foundation and a mixture of Estee Lauder concealer for my blemishes, and then the Collection concealer for under my eyes because it’s lighter. For my brows I wanted to keep it quite natural so I only used the Rimmel clear brow gel to tame my mad eyebrows. I also added a little bit of turquoise to the inner corner a little bit later on.


Then for my eyes I used the Morphe 35c palette and first covered my eyes with white. Then I put the turquoise colour in my crease and blended it out. Then I went in further with the darker teal colour. I didn’t want it too dark so I didn’t use black at all. I used the same colours on my bottom lash line too. Then I cut my crease with the collection concealer so that the glitter I used would show up brighter. I used the silver glittery shadow from the Lick and Lash 35k palette. Then I lined my eyes with the NYX matte black eyeliner and applied my SOSU Lashes in Paris. For the inside corner of my eye I used some vaseline to stick Dust and Dance silver hexagon glitter on.


For the ‘scales’ I simply just did the fishnet trick where you stick your head in a pair of fishnet tights. You need to keep them as still as you can though so that your eyeshadow doesn’t smudge. I first went in with a thick powder brush with the light turquoise colour, using it over my forehead and then down the sides of my face to my cheeks. I then went over that with the darker teal colour and then highlighted a few parts with the silver from the Lick and Lash palette. And if you peel it away carefully it should end up like this!


I did the same on my neck too but I got my mum to help hold it on because it’s very hard to see and it’s quite fiddly. And lastly for my lips I used the NYX Liquid Lipstick in Jet Set and added a bit more of the silver from the Lick and Lash palette to the middle of my lips to create the shine.

And that’s everything! It’s such a simple look, you just need some fishnet tights and bright colours!

I hope you like this first horoscope look, check out yesterday’s here and stay tuned for tomorrow’s!

Stay Wicked


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