31 Days of Halloween 2017, Make-up

Split Personality (8/31)


Okay, so this is my new favourite look! I’ve seen a few different Frankenstein inspired make-up looks going around so I thought I’d try one of my own! Let’s get started!

First with a clean bare face I took a white pencil liner and make the line down my face where I wanted the ‘cut’ to go. Then I used a sponge to put on a layer of liquid latex over that line. I then put down a layer of tissue and over that another layer of latex. I let this dry and then repeated the same steps until I had 3 layers of tissue. I used a hair dryer to help dry these in between. Once it was completely dry I used some small nail scissors to cut all the way through the middle of the latex. Be extra careful when doing this so you don’t cut your skin at all. Then when that was finished I started on the two sides of my face.


For the ‘monster’ side of my face I used a waxy green face paint that I bought for about £1 at my local Tescos and applied it with a sponge. I had to do a few different layers and it wasn’t as good as if you’d used proper face paint but it was only £1. I covered that side of the latex too to match the skin. Then to add some different depth I used my Morphe 35c palette and a mixture of the dark and light greens and dabbed them all over my face to give it a mottled effect. Then I used the black and sort of used it as a contour around my face and cheek. Lastly I used the light gold colour from the Lick and Lash 35k palette to use as a highlighter over my cheek, forehead and nose.


For my eyebrow I used a brow brush with a little bit of black eyeshadow on and filled in my one brow on the ‘monster’ side. And for my eyes I just used the dark green eyeshadow and black shadow from the 35c palette and applied that. And for the lips I used the Rimmel matte black liquid lipstick in Pitch Black.


for the ‘normal’ side I used my Revlon foundation, making sure I covered the liquid latex too to make it my skin colour. Then I used the NYX Tame & Fame for the one brow. For my eye I used the reds in the Morphe 35c palette and deepened the crease with the dark red from the Morphe 35n palette. I used the NYX matte black liquid liner on both eyes just to draw the wing and then applied the SOSU Deluxe Lashes in Holly. Then I used the Makeup Revolution contour and highlight to finish it off.


And going back to the cut I coloured the inside of it in with red face paint and then used a darker red eyeshadow from the Morphe 35n palette inside too. On the ‘normal side’ I dabbed some of the red and purple eyeshadows from the same palette to make it look bit more bruised and irritated. I did the same on the other side with the green and black. Then I went back inside the cut with some fake blood and it looked like a fresh wound. And for the stitches I actually just cut up a skinny bobble into small even pieces. I used some liquid latex to attach them to either side of the cut and let them dry in place. Then I also used some liquid latex to push down either side so they stuck out a little bit less.


And that’s everything for this look! Walking round like this would definitely freak a few people out, it looks so realistic and even I would get freaked out looking at myself in the mirror!

I hope you liked this look and don’t forget to check out yesterday’s here and stay tuned for tomorrow’s!

Stay Wicked!


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