31 Days of Halloween 2017, Make-up

Neon Skull (9/31)

My posts are going to start being a little bit later in the day because I just managed to grab myself a job (woo!) but I won’t be behind don’t worry! For today here is my version of the Neon Skull that is huge on instagram right now! I got my inspiration from the beautiful Anneesor on Instagram.

First off for my face I used the Revlon Colorstay foundation and Collection concealer like normal. I then used the Rimmel powder for my face to set the foundation. And for my brows I used the Nyx Tame and Fame.


For my eyes I used the Morphe 35c palette and taking the pink/purple colour I applied it all over my lid. I added a tiny bit of the darker purple into my crease but I didn’t want to darken it too much so I only used a bit and then blended it out. Then I applied the NYX white liquid liner and made a wing. Then I applied my SOSU lashes in Milan.


Then I used a thin white face paint pen from Primark to first of all draw where I wanted the outline of the skull to go and all the teeth. When that was done I used a thin eyeshadow brush and went back over them lines with the same purple I’d used on my eyes. Then I blended it out to make it more smokey. On the hollows I applied a little bit of black and blended that out too. You could still see some parts of my skin though so I took a blending brush and blended more purple into it, making sure there were no gaps left. I built up the black and purples for a bit until it was at the shade I wanted them to be. Then I used my white liner again and traced the original lines that I had drawn.

I did the same thing on my nose and just next to my eyebrows. Using a big thick brush I contoured a bit using the purple on my forehead and down the side of my eyes.

And lastly I just added some glitter from the Primark Glitter Obsessed palette onto the middle of the teeth and on the nose and a line just underneath my eyebrow.


And that is the look finished! I love this new trend of neon skulls and even though I thought this was going to be easy, it definitely isn’t so props to everyone who makes it look so effortless and easy! It’s probably been one of the hardest ones yet!

Don’t forget to check out yesterday’s look here, Split Personality (8/31), and stay tuned for tomorrow’s!

Stay Wicked!


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