31 Days of Halloween 2017, Make-up

Coulrophobia (10/31)

img_0146Another one of my favourite looks to create and shoot! Smiling is an occupational hazard for a clown! And Coulrophobia is an excessive fear of clowns! Let’s get into it..

I wanted to use the liquid latex first because I wanted to make sure my skin was clean so it would stay put properly. I used a sponge to apply the liquid latex in a smile shape on either side of my lips. Then I used thin strips of tissue over that to start creating the shape. Letting it dry in between I repeated this 3 times to get the desired thickness I wanted. I didn’t want it too thick because I still wanted to try and make it as much like my skin as I could.




When that had all dried I started with my face. I used the Estee Lauder foundation and concealer for this look and the NYX eyebrow pomade and HD setting powder. For my eyes I used the Morphe 35n palette and also sellotape again, my favourite party trick. I first covered my eye with the lighter of the red tones and deepened the crease with the darker red. Then for the shiny highlight on the inner corner I used the lightest shade from the MUA Fire Vixen palette. Then I just applied a bit of liquid liner and my SOSU Deluxe Lashes in Holly.


For my clown lines I just used the NYX matte black liquid liner, which I still find very difficult! Takes a lot of trial and error, and mine still aren’t even! But oh well! Then I used some vaseline on a Q-tip to make the circles underneath the lines. I then pressed some Laval red glitter onto the vaseline to make it stick. For my nose I used the red Primark face paint pen to draw where I wanted the outline of my nose to be and filled it in. I also went over that with the NYX Cherry Skies lipstick to make it a bit darker. Then before it dried I stuck some more red glitter on top.


So for the mouth I used small nail scissors to cut up the liquid latex to make two small lines. I then applied the NYX Cherry Skies liquid lipstick onto my lips and used a small brush to put in in the cut. I then deepened that with some dark red eyeshadow. On the outside of the wound I dabbed some dark red and purple eyeshadow on to make it look more bruised and irritated. On my lips I lined them with dark red eyeshadow and then used a blending brush to buff them out a bit making them looked smudged.


I then used a small brush to put some fake blood inside the cut and around the wound. I applied a little bit of red glitter to my lips too. And finally I used the Smiffy’s white face paint and Snazaroo black face paint to draw the lines down my neck and fill them in. Well my mum did it because I’m useless at drawing on my body! So big thanks to her!

And that’s the look finished! I really enjoyed creating this look and I really like how it came out! Don’t forget to check out yesterday’s look here, and stay tuned for tomorrow’s!

Stay Wicked!




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