31 Days of Halloween 2017, Make-up

Glam Skull (12/21)


IMG_1271editSo I thought you guys might be sick of seeing my face so I got my best friend, Alex, in to help me today.  She has a ridiculously amazing bone structure so I thought I’d utilise that and do a glam skull on her! This is inspired by the beautiful Giulianna Maria, check out her YouTube channel here!!! Let’s get started…

So Alex started off with only wearing a Makeup Revolution bronzer and some fake tan because her skin is amazing! Then she did her own brows with the MAC pomade in Deep Dark Brunette.


For her eyes I used the Morphe 35n palette because the purples in this are gorgeous. I went in with the lightest shade all over her eyes first to use as a base and then used the ligh purple colour all over too. I followed the colour to her brows and underneath her eye too. Then I used the deeper purple in her crease and followed the other colour under her eyes. I blended this out really well because I want it to be a very smokey look. Then on her lids I really pack on the black all over and blend it into her crease.


After I’ve built up the colour and blended it out a few times I applied the SOSU Deluxe lashes in Holly because I still wanted the look to be glam. Then I used a small brush with a bit of black on and drew a line for her cheekbone and then started drawing on her teeth. After this I used the light purple and used it as I would a contour, so over her forehead, temples, cheekbones and her jaw. I then drew on her nose with the dark purple shade. I went over the teeth again with black eyeshadow and also used it to colour in the hollows of her cheeks.


Going back in on the teeth I used a small brush and put a tiny bit of concealer on just to make the teeth look a bit more white. Then over that I used the pink glitter out of the Primark Glitter Obsessed palette. This is actually a really good cream glitter palette and it was only £4 for loads of different colours! I put that on the teeth to make them shine and just underneath her brows for a bit of extra glitter.


Then onto one of the main parts: the highlight! For this I started off with the Makeup Revolution Ultra Pro Glow palette and used the pink shade that I’ve actually never used before because I think it looks a bit weird on foundation but for purple looking skin I think it looks great! I put it on her cheekbones, above her eyebrows, and down her jaw. Then I used a bit of the lighter colour over that too to make it brighter because the pinks a lovely colour but not very bright. Then over that I went in with the MUA Fire Vixen palette and used the lightest shade which is my favourite shiny shade ever. I used this under her brows, on the inner corner of her eye and on her nose. Then lastly I used the Makeup Revolution baked highlighter in Golden Lights over all of that because it’s my favourite highlighter ever!


For the gems I put some Vaseline where I wanted them to go, so the lips, on her cheekbones and then just above her brows. I put small and big pink gems on the teeth, some pink glitter on her cheekbones and then some small and big silver gems on her brows.


And that’s the look finished!! I love this, perfect if you’re going on a night out for Halloween because it’s quite wearable. It’s also easy to do, I only used eyeshadows, gems and highlight in this tutorial! I think if I was doing it again I’d just some black face paint, just to make the cheeks sharper and less patchy! But I’m super happy with how this turned out.

Don’t forget to check out yesterday’s look here, and stay tuned for tomorrow’s!

Stay Wicked!


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