31 Days of Halloween 2017, Make-up

Poison Ivy (15/31)


Poison Ivy is my all time favourite villain! I love her look, I love her clothes and I love her badass attitude! This took a lot of glitter and a lot of time to get off, hence why this blog post is a little late! But hey it’s still he 15th somewhere in the world!

First for this look, I used the Revlon Colorstay foundation, the Estée Lauder concealer for my blemishes and then the Collection concealer for under my eyes. To set that I used the NYX HD setting powder.

For my brows I used the Morphe 35c palette. I used the bright red colour on an eyebrow brush and filled in my brows like normal.



For my eyes I carried on with my 35c palette and covered my lid in the lightest green shade. Then I chose the brightest forest green shade in my crease and winged it out and on top of that I used the darkest green shade and blended it out really well. I took a thin brush and some concealer and cut my crease and loaded it with white eye shadow. I applied the dark green under my eye and blended it out too. Then I applied the NYX eyeliner and the SOSU lashes called Milan.

For my ‘contour’ I used the lightest green shade on a big brush on my forehead, down my temples and across my cheeks. To contour my cheeks I used a slightly darker green colour and then blended it out. For my lips I used the new NYX Metallic Liquid Suede in the colour Biker Babe. It’s a beaut metallic red shade and the formula s amazing, it dries so nicely!


For the stunning gems on my face I used the Gypsy Shrine Poison Ivy set and positioned them above my eyebrows. I also put the little ones underneath my eye. These are the nicest gems I’ve ever seen and are so well made, making them super easy to use. Check out the Gypsy Shrine website here, they have amazing Halloween gems and their glitters are great for all year round!!

For the glitter I also used the Gypsy Shrine Poison Ivy glitter which are these gorgeous shiny blue/green shapes in all different sizes. Very much worth the money as I only used about half the pot for this whole look! On my face I applied this using the NYX Multitasker Mixing Medium which is originally used for mixing pigments but is really good for sticking on glitter! So I drew the shape I wanted and then applied the glitter. Just a warning it does go everywhere so put down a towel or something where you’re sat.


Then I got some hair wax and put a line of it across my hair above my ear (well done by my boyfriend.) Then we just sprinkled some of the glitter over the wax and stuck it down. We also applied some thin silver glitter too. For my neck and ears I used vaseline on a big brush and just drew on where I wanted the glitter to go. This was the most time consuming part but we enjoyed it! This is when it gets everywhere too! I did the little vines coming down like I’d done on my face and then put it on my ear.


And lastly to just finish the look off I used the Makeup Revolution Ultra Cool Glow highlighter palette, which is my new favourite thing. It has a mixture of pink, yellow, blue, brown, orange and green highlighters and they’re beautiful! Not your everyday colours but great for looks like this. So I just put the green one under my brow bone, in my inner corner, on my nose and my cupids bow. Then I put some vaseline in my inner corner and applied some Laval white glitter because you can never have too much glitter!


And that’s the look all finished! I absolutely loved this, one of the only looks that I wasn’t eager to take off! I would definitely go out like this, although the glitter gets everywhere but who cares, it’s Halloween!!

Don’t forgot to check out yesterday’s look here, and stay tuned for tomorrow’s!

Stay Wicked!


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