31 Days of Halloween 2017, Make-up

Vampire (16/31)


What’s Halloween without doing a classic vampire?! This was my favourite thing to dress up as when I was younger but the teeth freaked me out to put in so I edited some instead!! Let’s get started!!

For my foundation I used my No7 Stay Perfect foundation because it’s the palest one I’ve got! I used the Collection concealer and the NYX HD powder to set them both. For my brows I wanted them extra dark so I used some black eyeshadow instead of my usual brown pomade.


For my eyes I started off with the Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance palette and used red ochre all over my eye, also used sellotape for my wing! Then I used the darkest red out of the Morphe 35n palette in the crease to deepen it. I then used the black out of the 35c palette, because it’s the darkest black I own, all over my lid. I used the black under my eye too and blended it out. I used the NYX black eyeliner to draw over my lash line and then carried it on a little bit into the inner corner. I applied the SOSU deluxe lashes in Holly, because they’re the biggest and fullest.


For my contour I used a grey eyeshadow instead of brown contour to make myself look a bit paler. Then I used the Makeup Revolution Ultra Cool Glow highlighter, the silver one, which is a beautiful colour! For the veins under my eyes, I first just blended out some red eyeshadow. I then drew them on with a thin brush and some black eyeshadow and then went over the lines with some fake blood.


For my lips I used the Rimmel liquid lipstick in Pitch Black on the outside and then the NYX Cherry Skies in the middle and blended them together. I then put on a bit of the silver highlight to make them shine. I also applied a few little gems under my eyebrows with some vaseline. Then I just used some of the Cherry Skies to draw where I wanted the blood to go and then applied the drips of fake blood over the top. And stupidly I put it all over my hand, although it does look good, it just doesn’t come off and I have work in the morning….


But that’s the look finished! I love how this has turned out, even though I’m covered in red blood! Don’t forget to check out yesterday’s look here, and stay tuned for tomorrow’s!

Stay Wicked!


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