31 Days of Halloween 2017, Make-up

Head Shot (19/31)


So I didn’t have much time to do this look so it’s a bit rushed but here is a dead zombie/demon! Not sure where I was going with this, I just kind of just went with it. Let’s get started on this super easy look!

Firstly I painted a little circle in liquid latex where I wanted the gun shot to be. Then I put a small piece of tissue over that and covered it in latex again. I only repeated this a few times because I didn’t want it that thick. Then before it dried I poked a hole in it and pushed all the latex to the side to make the bullet hole. Then whilst that dried I put on my No7 foundation and Collection concealer. I covered my wound with foundation too to make it skin colour and then covered it in setting powder.

For my brows I did them normal, and I’ve only just realised they look a little too perfect for  zombie! On my eyes I used Red Ochre out of the Modern Renaissance palette over all my eye and underneath. Then I used it to dab all over my face making these little irritation areas. Then I used black on my lid and right under my eye and blended it out well. I dabbed the black all over my face and neck too.

Then I took a thin brush and used the red from the Morphe 35c palette to draw on the veins coming from different parts of my body. I did the same coming from the bullet wound too. Then I coloured the inside of the wound with red and black eyeshadows and around the wound too. Then I just covered it in fake blood, and dripped some out of my nose and my mouth.

And that’s pretty much it! I edited my eyes to look creepy, because I can’t afford contacts, and that’s the look done! You can combine this headshot with a lot of different looks too!

Don’t forget to check out yesterday’s gory Fortune Teller here, and stay tuned for tomorrow’s!

Stay Wicked!


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