31 Days of Halloween 2017, Make-up

Cleopatra’s Demise (24/31)


This is one of the trickiest eye makeup looks I’ve done! I didn’t think it would take too long to do but it took me ages! I thought I’d do Cleopatra today but incorporate her supposed death into it. She apparently killed herself after Marc Anthony killed himself, and she used an Asp, which is a snake. So I did the snake bite on her neck. Let’s get started!

For my face I used the NYX Stay Matte Not Flat foundation and the Estee Lauder concealer for my blemishes because they’re really bad, especially wearing all this makeup everyday! Then I set it all with the NYX HD powder. For my brows I used the NYX Tame & Fame but I made them a bit thicker than I normally would.

Then for the eyes I used the Morphe 35c palette. I covered my whole eye with white as a base and then used the sea green shade over the whole of that. Then I went in with the dark blue in my crease and over my lid, and then blended them both out. I then lined it with black liquid liner.


Then I used the NYX white liquid liner to follow the same line and draw next to the black liner and wing. It takes a few attempts but you can easily erase any mistake with the black liner again. Then I lined under my eyes with the black liquid liner and drew another thin line underneath the previous wing. Then I drew the shapes coming off one of my eyes. This was hard too! I then used a TEN10 Cosmetics gold glitter to fill in the lines underneath the wings and also under both of my eyes. Then I applied the Red Cherry lashes in Darla.


I used the Makeup Revolution contour palette and bronzer in Ready To Go and also the gold highlighter from the Ultra Pro Glow palette. For lips I used the NYX liquid lingerie in Teddy and then drew two lines with the white eyeliner. Then I used the same gold glitter for the other line on my lips.

For the bites I opted out of using liquid latex because I didn’t have much time so I just drew two circles with black eyeshadow and dripped blood from each of them.

And that’s the look finished! I hope you like this take on an otherwise glamorous look. Don’t forget to check out my glittery Ice Queen from yesterday here, and stay tuned for tomorrow’s. Only 1 week to go!!

Stay Wicked!


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