31 Days of Halloween 2017, Make-up

Queen of Hearts (27/31)


This is such a popular trend all over Instagram so I thought I’d give it a go! I tried making a crown but it failed so I decided to do it as if it was coming out from either side of my eye! Super easy to do so lets get started!


I started with the position of the card, I put down a layer of liquid latex and then placed the card over the top, obviously I’d cut it to the shape I wanted. Then once it had dried I put a layer of liquid latex and tissue over the top to secure it in place and to make it look like the card was coming out of my skin. I only did two layers of tissue and latex because I didn’t want it to be very raised. Then I did the same to the one under my eye.


Then when it had dried I used the Revlon foundation for my whole face, covering the liquid latex. And then set that with the NYX HD setting powder because the latex is quite shiny. For my brows I used the NYX Tame & Fame but I didn’t really fill them in much, I just drew a few extra hairs with a thin brush. Then for my eyes I covered my whole eye with the dark pink colour in the Morphe 35c palette. Then I used the dark red from the Morphe 35n palette in my crease to make it deeper. I kept it going out to a wing too, and drew my liquid liner into a wing as well. Then I applied my SOSU Holly lashes. I also put the same colour under my eyes and blended out.


For my face I used the Sleek contour kit that used to be my favourite thing ever! Then I just used the Makeup Revolution Ultra Pro Glow highlighter kit for my highlight. For my lips I used the NYX lip cream in San Paolo and then used black eyeshadow to line my lips and blend it in.


For the cuts I dabbed some purple and red eyeshadows over the liquid latex to make the skin look irritated. Then I lined the bit where the latex meets the card with red eyeshadow and then went over that with black to make it look darker. Then I went over that with fake blood and covered a bit of the skin with it. I just dripped some down the card and some from the one over my head and that’s the look finished!

It’s super easy to do and can easily be worn for a night out because the cards don’t feel like they’re going to fall off!

I hope you liked this look, don’t forget to check out yesterday’s unfortunate Belle look here, and stay tuned for tomorrow’s!

Stay Wicked!


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