31 Days of Halloween 2017, Make-up

Snake Lady (28/31)


Today’s look I did on my cousin cause I’m in a massive rush and she needed it for work. It’s a similar technique to the Pisces makeup so let’s get started!

We used the Collection concealer under her eyes and then used her Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation in her skin colour. For her brows we used the NYX Tame & Fame in Brunette.

Then I did her face. I used the silver highlighter out of the Ultra Pro Glow palette all over her forehead and cheeks. We put a pair of fishnet tights over her head and I used the greens in the Morphe 35c palette. I started with the lightest green all over her forehead and down her cheeks. Then I used the dark green over that. I also highlighted that area with a gold colour out of the Lick and Lash 35k palette. We then carefully peeled off the fishnet tights so it didn’t smudge.


For the eyes I used the exact same colours and in the same order. I used the lightest green all over her eyes, then went in deeper with the darker green. In the inner corner I used the same gold shade, on a brush with some setting spray to make it brighter. Then I lined her eyes with eyeliner and applied her Peaches and Cream eyelashes, I’m not sure which number I’m afraid. Then she just put on some MAC lipstick, again I’m not sure the colour but it’s dark red!

Then I applied some vaseline and hairspray to her hair and applied some of the Gypsy Shrine Poison Ivy glitter down her parting.

And that’s the look finished, super easy to do and only took us under an hour! (And we were chatting!)

Don’t forget to check out yesterday’s creepy Queen of Hearts here, and stay tuned for tomorrow’s look!

Stay Happy!


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