31 Days of Halloween 2017, Make-up

Hooked (31/31)!!


It’s the last day!! I’ve loved every minute of this month and doing these looks, but I’m so excited to have a early night! This mermaid look is inspired by the beautiful Glam & Gore! Let’s get started with my final Halloween look!

For my face I used the Fenty foundation with Collection concealer under the eyes. I then set that with the NYX HD powder. For my brows I used the NYX Tame & Fame but then I realised when I edited my hair they looked weird brown so I edited them blue too! This can easily be done though with blue eyeshadow.

For the ‘mermaid scales’ I pulled fishnets over my head and held them in position. It’s quite fiddly so might need someone to help you. Then I used the Sea Green shade in the Morphe 35c palette all over my forehead and down my cheeks. I then applied a darker green closer to my hair line and on the tops of my cheeks. Then I used the teal shade and brought it further down my forehead and cheeks. And stupid me took my fishnets off without doing highlighter so keep it on and apply a bright highlighter for a shine. I had to draw mine on in the little scales which took ages! Then for an extra sparkle I applied the turquoise to my cheekbones and my temples, where I would normally put highlighter. I did the same on my neck and chest too.


Then for the eyes I used the deepest blue in the Morphe 35c palette all over my eyes and towards my temple, blending that in with the scales. Then I used concealer on my lid and covered that with white eyeshadow to make it brighter. On top of that I applied some Multitasker and white glitter. I used the same colours under my eyes and lined my waterline with a blue pencil from MUA. Then I applied the SOSU lashes in Dubai.

For some little touches I applied a bit of the teal eyeshadow on my nose and applied the little pearls above my eyebrows. I didn’t want to go super overboard for this look because I think the hook is quite fussy.


To do it I actually used a metal coat hanger and cut it to shape and moulded it how I wanted it to go. I had two shapes, the long one with a bent round end that’s sticking out of my mouth, and the curved side that looks like it’s coming out of my cheek. Big shout out to my dad for cutting and helping me shape these!

To attach the curved end to my cheek I first stuck it on with medical tape just to make it more secure. I then covered it with liquid latex and tissue so you couldn’t see the long part. I also put some on the side of the hook closest to my ear. Once I knew it was going to stay I applied a few more pieces of tissue and latex and waited for it to dry. Once it had I applied my foundation over the top.



Then I used red and purple eyeshadows to make the whole area look really sore and added a lot around the hook.I also added some black eyeshadow to make it look worse. Finally I added some fake blood around the hook and coming out the side of my mouth.

My lips were tricky, I originally had blue lipstick and glitter on but you couldn’t see the part coming out of my mouth in pictures so I had to take it off, although you can still see little bits of blue glitter! Instead I just applied some lip gloss and white glitter over the top.



And lastly I had to try and get the stick part look lined up with the hook which is harder than you think! I tried to use chewing gum to stick it there but it didn’t work. In the end I used a sherbet lemon and used my tongue to push it into my cheek! It took a while to get it perfect but I think this looks pretty real! I also just added some black thread to look like fishing line.

And that’s the look finished! I hope you enjoyed my 31 Days Of Halloween as much as I did, and I’ll be back after a little break!

Don’t forget to check out yesterdays Mystical Nymph look here, and stay tuned for more content coming soon!

Happy Halloween!

Stay Wicked!


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