Getting my life organised!

Hello guys! Welcome to 2018!

It’s been a while again, but I have a great reason this time…


Now this may come as a shock to some people but for most it’s something that has been happening for a looong time, and it’s finally happening! I’ll be talking more about this though in a few days in a bigger post about how it all happened and about my plans.

This post is more about how I’ve been getting organised this year so far!IMG_3157edit

Firstly I ordered this blog planner from a website called Dot Creates, created by Danielle Timcke. She designs loads of stationary, notebooks and prints by hand and they’re so beautiful. I knew this year that I wanted a blog planner to hopefully make me blog more consistently and after trawling the internet for hours I could only find printable copies of blog planners or ones that cost a load!

So I used the #blogplanner tag on Instagram and I saw a lot of people tagging this book. I fell in love immediately! It didn’t take a lot of convincing for me to order one.

It’s a blog planner and diary all in one with undated pages so you can start writing at any time of the year! There are to do list spaces, which I will use a lot and for your blog you can plan any pages, when they’re going up, and a check box of all your social media. It’s full of great ideas and if you’re like me and find joy in planning your week then it’s perfect for you!



And what’s better she’s hand drawn it all and it’s so cute! It’s become my new favourite thing, I hope it fits into my luggage!

For this blog planner check it out here I Can Do This Blog Planner

For more beaut things check out her website here Dot Creates!

And I also bought some new diaries, one for in my room and one for in my handbag. I did this last year, and got pretty similar ones! IMG_3176edit

I love the glitter on these and they also have a little triangle at the bottom of each page that you rip off when the day is over. It really helps you keep track of your days! And I got these on sale too so they only cost me £7 altogether!

I got them both from Paperchase, you can check out the website here!

I can’t wait to use all these beauties more throughout the year and they’re definitely going to help me get organised!

Check out my last post here, Pinks and Purples! Also this is my 50th blog post!! Wooooow!

Stay Happy,


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