Follow me on my trip to Thailand!

In less than 24 hours I’ll be on my first flight of the day to Thailand!

I still can’t quite believe that we’re going, I think it’ll just hit me when we touch down in a place I’ve never been before!

I’m not going to give too much info away at the moment, I’ll tell you guys more when I get there, but I’m going out with my boyfriend Skye and his family. We sort of have a plan, but it changes everyday so once I’m settled in I’ll do a post about what’s going on!

All my family and friends are coming over today to wish me farewell so it’s going to be an emotional last day for me but I’m excited to see what this next chapter of my life is going to bring me!

If you’d like to follow along with everything that I’ll be doing out in Thailand, follow my blog for daily updates!

I also can’t wait to vlog a lot more so videos will be out on my channel quite regularly. If you’d like to see my daily life in Thailand subscribe to my YouTube channel here – Just Sarah’s Vlogs

I’ll also be posting on social media loooooads so check them out too!

Instagram – Misshelene1

Twitter – Sarah Walters

Facebook – Just Sarah’s Blog

I’ll keep you guys updated!

Stay Happy


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