We made it!

We made it to Chiang Mai!

Our day started off on Sunday with my alarm going off at 4:15am and we were up and dressed and on our way to the airport in half an hour. My dads engine light came on with an error though which threw a spanner in the works, but luckily we carried on and it didn’t stop working so all was good there. We checked in and our cases were fine and then I had to say goodbye to my parents. We got quite emotional, shed a few tears and then we were off through security. After we got our many laptops, cameras and electrics out and through, we settled into Burger King for our breakfast. Our flight was supposed to set off about 8:10 but we didn’t leave until 9ish.


The first flight was just under 6 hours long but luckily we were sat next to a girl called Emily who was on her way to Brisbane to work for a year who’d already been to Thailand so we learned a lot from her! We slept a little bit, I watched Chicago, and we had an awful breakfast. And then I was starving because I hadn’t brought anything with me!

We finally landed in Abu Dhabi just after 7pm which felt weird because we’d lost a lot of hours. We nipped to McDonalds which cost me £5 for a medium chips and a bottle of water. Skye got a large chips the size of his hand!

Then we boarded our flight to Bangkok. This was a night flight for about 6 hours so we tried to sleep a little bit more and watched a bit of TV. I watched four episodes of Friends that were in no particular order which was annoying but I couldn’t resist. We’d got so many things to do on the plane, puzzle books, a kindle, our laptops, but we literally just slept, ate and watched TV!

When we landed in Bangkok we asked where to go to check in for our last flight to Chiang Mai and he pointed us down the corridor. So we set off and then two Thai women who worked in the airport ran past us and motioned for us to run with them. So there we were, me running with a dodgy foot (I’ve pulled something in my ankle) breaking out a sweat, and Skye even more so because he was carrying both bags bless him! We ran from one side of the airport to the other and checked in. Then we had to wait in line to go through passport control and then another line to go through security. We ran to our gate which was waiting for us and ran out into the humid Bangkok air, which is not good when you’re already sweating. We got a bus to our little plane and then boarded.


We didn’t feel great on this flight so we just chilled and played games. It was only supposed to be 55 minutes but they had a problem with not having a slot to land so we circled for about 25 minutes in the air first. Finally we were off and our bags were some of the first to come out so we grabbed them and went to meet Skye’s mum Debbie, and stepdad Mick. They picked us up and we went to run a few errands. First things first we went to Tescos, that’s right Tescos, and bought a Thai sim for our phones, this means we can use the internet whenever we need to without having to wait for wifi. Then we got Skye some shirts for when he started his training and me and Debbie grabbed some food for the house. We did a few more errands before we got home but eventually we did and it’s amazing.

With Mick and Debbie’s business that they want to start here, they need a resort to invite people to. So they’ve hired this one which is beautiful, I’ve done a full tour in the vlog that will be up soon!



We spent the rest of the day looking around and then we showered and got ready to go out. We went to Chiang Mai night market which was lovely and I had my first proper meal in a while, chicken and noodles! Then we went and got tickets to the ladyboy show, and I really enjoyed it! The girls were hilarious and they took a shine to Skye, bringing him up onstage. He also went up at the end with a few other guys, who they dressed up in wigs and dresses and had to dance on stage. It was hilarious!

We spent the next day relaxing a bit and doing some errands and then Skye packed his bag up again and got a plane to Phuket to start his training. I’ll be staying here in Chiang Mai until he’s finished his training and then we’ll hopefully be going to Hua Hin together after that.


Since he’s been gone we’ve been out most days, meeting a few new people and going to loads of cool new places! The next week or so will be a mixture of very busy and very slow but I’m looking forward to relax for a bit in the sun!

I’ll keep everyone updated and let you know when I’ve edited my first vlog!

Stay Happy!


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