Pala-U Waterfall

Last week we did a day trip to Pala-U Waterfall, about 2 hours scooter drive away from Hua Hin, but by car it’ll probably only take just over an hour. We set off about 10 o’clock in the morning and did the beautiful drive through the Kaeng Krachan National Park. Little did we know that we were driving through a nature reserve with wild elephants and bears.


The park is one of the largest in Thailand and sits right next to the Burmese border. Pala-U Waterfall is only a tiny part of this beautiful park. You can camp just at the entrance of the park, we met a very nice Thai man who loved the fact we were from Manchester and apologised to us for the fact we had to pay more to get into the park than a Thai citizen which we thought was very nice, even though it’s out of his hands. The price for us was both, with the scooter was about 600 baht and for a Thai resident was under 100 baht. But if you pay at this national park and decide to go to another one afterwards you don’t have to pay again.

There’s 5 different levels that you can get to at the waterfall, the first 3 are for beginners and the last 2 are for hikers, apparently. I was a little put off when I read this about the waterfall before we went because I am definitely not a hiker, and don’t see myself as being that fit so we were only planning on doing the first 3 levels. At the 3rd level there’s a really nice pool that you can swim in, with loads of carp. At the entrance to the waterfalls you can also buy fish food I think! We made it to the 3rd level quite quickly so decided to try our luck at level 4 and 5. And they are harder than the others but I wouldn’t say they are only for hikers. There’s a lot less people on the last two levels, in fact we didn’t see anybody up there. There’s a lot more climbing on rocks and things though so if you’re not confident in that I’d stay at level 3.

It was gorgeous at the top though and there was a pool but we didn’t really want to go in. The water was freezing too! It’s a fascinating place, especially because it’s still inside a national park so you can see all sorts of animals. We didn’t come across any but apparently you can sometimes see monkeys and lots of bird species. But don’t stray from the path because there are dangerous animals in the park like leopards.

We spent a few hours there, wandering around and it was a really nice day out. One thing I would say though is make sure you have bug spray on because there are HUNDREDS of mossies and flies, I got bitten 13 times! If you’re susceptible to bites, or allergic like me, I would suggest wearing long sleeves and pants, even though it’s not ideal in this weather.

We had a really good day out there, although with a car you could probably get it done it half a day. Hopefully we’ll be able to go again whilst we’re here!

Is there anywhere is Hua Hin that you’ve been before and would recommend? I’d love to know!

(All photos taken by Skye)

Stay Happy!


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