Sunset Inspired Look

I’m back with another look! I’ve realised they might become a bit repetitive after this as I have only brought a selection on makeup to Thailand with me but I’ll make it work!

I was inspired for this look by the talented Hayley Mullender go and check her out!

Let’s get started!


 Firstly I primed my face with the L’oreal Infallible Pore Refining Primer. I then used the Maybelline Fit Me concealer on my blemishes, although it’s still a little too tanned for me yet, and then used my Fenty Beauty foundation all over. For my under eyes I used the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. To set all of this I used the Rimmel translucent powder.

For my brows I used the NYX Tame & Frame and then carved them out using the Collection concealer which is the first time I’ve ever tried this and I think it turned out alright!


To start off on my eyes I used the light pink shade from the Morphe 35n palette all over my crease and created the winged out shape that I wanted. Then I used Love Letter from my Modern Renaissance palette on a smaller brush just in my crease, and following the shape of the wing I’d already created. I then blended this out upwards, always adding more colour each time. With an even thinner brush I used the dark purple shade to really go into my crease and wing out the colour. When I was happy with the colours I cut my crease with the Collection concealer and patted it with a light eyeshadow. I then used the Realgar orange shade from my Modern Renaissance and patted it into the inner corner and over my lid. I then used Love Letter on the middle part of my lid and blended the dark purple shade into the outer corner.


I repeated the colours light pink, Love Letter and dark purple underneath my eyes too and added black NYX eyeliner to my waterline. I also used the black NYX matte liquid liner on top of my eyes and created a small wing. Then I applied the SOSU lashes in Milan, my faves.


For my face I used the Sleek contour kit and Makeup Revolution bronzer in Ready to Go. Then I used my favourite highlighter, Fenty Beauty in Hustla Baby.

For my lips I used the NYX Lip Lingerie in French Maid. I’d probably do these different if I was to do the look again, probably a nude but I didn’t bring one with me so this purple will do!

IMG_3827edit 2


And that’s the look finished! I realised today I’d forgotten my setting spray too, how sad, but I would use the NYX Dewy setting spray if I’d brought it with me! I’m going to have to go on the hunt for new makeup in Thailand!

I hope you liked this look, there will be more to come soon!

Stay Happy!


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