My March Goals

So I have never done a post similar to this before but I’ve seen lots of other people doing it and I thought what a great idea to keep a track of how your social media is doing! So I decided to try it out for myself! I’ll look back on this at the end of March and see how I’ve done.


This is one of the hardest platforms to gain on for me, I only gain a few subscribers each week if that. I really want to try and start getting it out to more people who will like my videos and not just subscribe for the hell of it.

Just Sarah’s Vlogs

Currently- 258 subscribers

Goal- 300 subscribers

This is quite a big jump for me but I really want to focus on this in March.


I’ve literally only just started using Twitter properly and I’m overwhelmed with the amazing community there. Always so much support from people that I never knew about before! I can’t wait to meet many more amazing people!

Sarah Walters

Currently- 169 followers

Goal- 250 followers

This again is quite a big jump but I fully believe in the twitter community to help it happen!


On Facebook I literally only have my friends and family like my pages for my blog and for my YouTube channel. I’d love to expand further to people who are interested in my blog and vlogs!


Just Sarah’s Blog– 61 likes

Just Sarah’s Vlogs– 63 likes

Goal- 75 likes on each of them

This isn’t a huge jump but I’m going to start off slow for now with my Facebook.


Now my instagram is a mess. I’ve had it since the beginning and a lot of the followers I had then aren’t interested anymore. So it looks like I have a lot of followers but hardly any engagement. If anyone knows how to get rid of ghost followers I’d love to know! But for right now I want to grow with people who will love my content.


Currently- 2326 followers

Goal- 2400 followers

If anything I’d love to try and get rid of some that aren’t active but I don’t know how!


And obviously I’d love to grow my blog. It’s incredible how I’ve grown already in such a little space and I can’t wait to meet lots more people and follow more blogs.

Just Sarah’s Blog

Currently- 42 followers

Goal- 60 followers

I think this is a reasonable goal to set and I can’t wait to get there.

Another goal of mine is to get out and enjoy the sunshine! I find myself holed up instead of being outside so I’m going to set that as a personal goal.

That’s all for now, I can’t wait to see how I’m doing at the end of the month!

Stay Happy


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