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Nest by Sangob, Bangkok Review

Hi everybody!

Recently I was up in Bangkok again with Skye and we chose such a cute place to stay in! So I thought, because I travel quite a bit, that I would start doing reviews of all these nice places that we stay in, just in case anyone is taking a trip up to Bangkok! I’ve never done anything like this before so let me know what you think!

First off I’ll explain the awful trip it took to get there! It was a 4 hour bus journey from Hua Hin to Bangkok, and Skye’s chair was broken so he couldn’t lean back on it for the whole time. We swapped places so he could get some sleep but I had to do the whole 4 hours without leaning back! Then we had to get the BTS (similar to the tube) from the airport into the centre of town which was about half an hour. Then we had to take a different route to the closest station we could to our hotel. When we arrived it was throwing it down with rain and we had to drag all our luggage around with us, trying to not get it wet. We tried to catch a taxi but literally no-one would take us! Skye waved one taxi down and he looked at us and said ‘English, no’ and drove off!

Eventually we managed to book a Grab Taxi (similar to Uber) but she got lost on the way. Finally we made it to our hotel, very late, and that’s when it started getting better.

Immediately I was calmed down just from the atmosphere of this place. It’s hidden down a side street which at nighttime looked quite scary, but right at the end was this beautifully built hideaway.

Even though we arrived late in the evening, the owner Sangob was there to greet us and help us get checked in. He showed us all the things we need, we had two keys, one to get in the doors and the room with the wifi details on, and another that had the opening times of the pool, rooftop and breakfast on, and on the other side it had directions to the hotel in Thai, so you could just show a taxi driver. This really helped us because not many taxis knew where it was.

There was also loads of information about what there was in the area, and taxi details for all sorts of travelling. We checked in and made our way up to the room. In all of the corridors there were cute little picture frames and a lot of fake greenery but its so pretty everywhere you look. They’ve really thought hard about the little details. Our room was on the third floor and our view was of the road below with a nice little balcony you could sit on. It was quite a plain room but I loved how simple it was. You had a bed, two bedside tables, a table lamp, TV, fridge, bin, water and cups, some details about the hotel and area, and two big wardrobes. And let me just tell you, the bed was the comfiest bed I’ve slept in whilst I’ve been over here!

The bathroom was lovely too, with a wooden floor and everything you need. The shower head was like a doughnut ring and very relaxing. We also got a hairdryer in the bathroom.

That evening we grabbed a pizza and went straight to bed. The next morning we woke up and went down for complimentary breakfast. I think you could choose between an American breakfast or Thai so we chose American which consisted of two sausages, a fried egg and some toast. But there was also a station where you could make your own toast and grab a coffee or tea. There was also a kitchen that you had free use of with all the amenities you need to cook yourself.


We sat next to the pool whilst we ate which looked really nice, although we didn’t have time to go in. There is also a beautiful hand painted wall on one side that really brought the place to life. There were lots of seating options outside and even a koi fish pond.


After that we nipped up to the roof on the 5th floor. I think it’s possible for you to stay in one of the rooms up there but I’m not entirely sure. It looked like it’s own little apartment complete with a kitchen. It was stunning and would be amazing to stay in this room! There were lots of places you could just sit and chill out in the sun, we would’ve definitely been up here more if we had the time.


And we spent the next few days rushing around Bangkok, doing a bit of shopping and seeing some friends. The people who work at the hotel though were so helpful, and made the effort to get to know us which was really nice. They were really lovely and helped us with any questions that we had.


Cleanliness– 5/5 Everywhere was spotless, including our rooms and all of the shared areas.

Location– 4/5 It was quite out of the way and hard to find on our first night, but they help with that by giving you the directions on the card for a taxi driver.

Bed– 6/5 The bed was one of the comfiest beds I’ve ever slept in, including in England!

Bathroom– 5/5 The bathroom was lovely and had everything that you needed.

Pool Area– 5/5 The pool and sitting area were gorgeous and I can’t think of any improvements.

Hospitality– 5/5 The staff and owner were the nicest people, always helping you however they can and being polite

Breakfast– 4/5 The breakfast was nice but not much variety, but then I can’t complain when it’s complimentary!

Price– 5/5 We paid just over £50 for two nights in this beautiful place which is a ridiculously cheap price! Well worth the money!

Overall we absolutely loved our stay in the Nest and I would highly recommend it to anyone going to Bangkok for a nice relaxing retreat!

Here is the link to the Nest on! 

I hope you enjoyed this different blog post to what I usually do, let me know if this is something you want to see more of!

Stay Happy




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