Things I’ve Been Obsessed With!

Today I thought I’d write about some media things I’ve been obsessed with, YouTube Channels, films, songs, series and Instagram accounts! So get a brew and biscuits ready for this long post!

YouTube Channels

TmarTn2 – Super Cooper Sundays


The first YouTube Channel I’ve loved lately is TmarTn 2. It’s run by Trevor who also does gaming videos. I hadn’t really heard of him until I came across these two gorgeous dogs! A cute dog video came up on my suggested and obviously I just had to click on it! And that’s when I got sucked in. They upload videos every Sunday that revolves around their two dogs, Cooper and Dakota. I easily spent a day watching most of their videos, there’s a lot, and I wouldn’t take it back! I’ve fallen in love with these two dogs and I would highly recommend if you like cute dogs!



Craig and Aimee from Kinging-It were in my last favourite YouTube channels post. I loose interest in channels quite quickly if they’re all the same but I still watch every single Kinging-It video! They’re a travel channel who have a very exciting 2018! Currently they’re in Bali, when they get home they’re going on The Mongol Rally which I’m super excited to watch! They’re funny, honest and I look forward to their videos all the time! Highly recommended if you like amazing travel videos!



The way that I can describe Cut is similar to Buzzfeed but also very different! They do all sorts of videos like Fear Pong (similar to beer pong) and truth and dare (but with a hilarious twist). They also do other videos that are very relevant, talking about mental illness and sexuality and gender. They’re very clever and I find myself watching about 10  videos at a time! Love these and they bring out new ones every day!

Vervet Monkey Foundation


This is a recent channel that I’ve become obsessed with! They’re a foundation in South Africa that looks after Vervet Monkeys. Apparently they’re pests in South Africa and get injured a lot, so they have lots of troops in the foundation that they keep safe and they also rescue babies without mothers and introduce them to new troops in the wild. They do videos every week, keeping you up to date with all the new babies and I love it! They do great things for their monkeys and I love keeping up to date with how they’re doing! Check it out!

Molly Burke


This is a recent channel I’ve been watching too. I found her through a different channel but became intrigued by her immediately. She’s been doing YouTube for a while and has been blind since she was 14. It’s incredible to watch her film these videos and I’m so curious to see how she lives her everyday life. Her videos are very educational too and she helps people learn about her disability and others. An amazing channel and I highly recommend!


Infinity War


How cliche that I love this movie! Filled with some of my favourite characters and I just thought it was a really good film. Can’t wait for the next one already so I can finally find out what happens at the end!

The Greatest Showman


Another cliche because it seems like everyone loves it! But I think it’s such a good film, I’ve watched it plenty of times and got my boyfriend addicted too! And who doesn’t love Zac Efron and Hugh Jackman singing?!

A Quiet Place


I actually went to watch this film with a friend not really knowing what it was about. I didn’t know it was going to be scary so I got a hell of a fright! But it’s such a beautifully made film that I was pleasantly surprised. There’s hardly any speaking in the whole movie because the aliens in the film have a heightened sense of hearing. So a family has to learn to live quietly and it’s so interesting. I really enjoyed this film and it was made so well! Highly recommend!

The Kissing Booth


This new to Netflix film was one that I just put on whilst I was doing some blogging, I’m a sucker for teen movies. But I actually really enjoyed the film. The cast was great and it was a great feel good film! An easy watch and a great teen film!


The Greatest Showman Soundtrack


Of course I had to include The Greatest Showman Soundtrack! I’ve been listening to the album non-stop, my favourites being This Is Me and From Now On. A great feel good album to listen to!

Bat Out Of Hell The Musical


In April of last year I went to watch a musical in Manchester. It’s a musical based around the work of Jim Steinman, songs sung by Meatloaf. I’ve been obsessed with Meatloaf  since my dad used to play his CD in his car non-stop. This musical is based in a place called Obsidian and it’s around a group of people called The Lost who are teens that never age. It’s an amazing musical and the atmosphere in the theatre was insane! Everyone was up singing and dancing, and the set was unlike anything I’d ever seen. They’re still performing it in London now so if you love Meatloaf it’s worth checking out!




An absolute classic! My boyfriend has never seen it before so I’m making him watch the whole 10 seasons! I’m not complaining, I’ve seen most of the episodes loads of times but I really don’t mind watching them all again! Highly recommend watching one of my favourite shows!

Vampire Diaries


Another series that I’m rewatching with Skye is The Vampire Diaries. I’ve only seen up to the end of season 7 but Skye’s never seen it so we decided to watch it from the beginning.  There are episodes I like and some I’m not too keen on, same with characters but I’m still excited to see how it ends! Only a few more seasons left!



I’ve been obsessed with this show since it started! This latest season started off quite slow I’ll admit but the last couple of episodes were so exciting! I’m always left wanting more and more! The cast are amazing inside and outside of the show, and really great role models. Definitely recommend this show as a teen thriller!

Dr Who


And finally another season that I’m rewatching! Starting from the first season, we’re currently in the midst of David Tenant! I was a huge fan of this show when I was younger and I love watching the episodes now as I’m older, things don’t scare me the same anymore! If you haven’t watched them already, you have to check it out!




The first instagram I’ve been loving is Marion. I have followed her since last Halloween when I did my 31 days of Halloween! She did some great makeup and she’s just been growing and growing ever since! Her makeup is always amazing and unique, she’s a real inspiration for me!



Another makeup artist that I’ve been obsessed with! She’s been inspiration for a lot of my makeup looks recently. She’s doing some amazing things lately and I’m proud of how many amazing opportunities have come her way! Definitely check her out!



I’ve started following loads of travel bloggers on Instagram this month and Aggie is one of my favourites. Her feed is so beautiful and she just seems like a really nice person. And she loves food just as much as me!



Another beautiful feed full of stunning travel photos! Their photos are goals of what I want my photography to look like. I found them through Kinging-It and they also have their own travel blog. A lovely couple with some great photos!



Such an incredible travel feed here! I fell in love with his amazing aerial shots. His photography is mesmerising and I love every photo he takes! Really do check out his feed!



And of course another amazing travel Instagram! I love his different feed, with lots of different shots instead of the normal travel photos. And the animals give the feed an added bonus, who doesn’t love cute animals!



And my favourites again! I love their photography so much, their photos are always so beautifully edited and they have a different way of looking at the world which is so refreshing! Definitely check out these guys if you haven’t already!

And phew, that’s the end! This has taken me so long to write but I hope you like seeing into my life a bit more and who I’m interested in at the moment! If you haven’t checked all these guys out already please do!

Let me know if you like or follow any of these guys already! I’d love to know your opinions!

Stay Happy!



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