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Wat Arun Temple, Bangkok

Yesterday Skye and I visited Was Arun Temple in Bangkok. It was my Grandad’s funeral yesterday and because I couldn’t make it, I wanted to say goodbye to him at a temple, he did practise Buddhism after all.

Being in Bangkok there’s a choice of a lot of temples in the area. There is one of the most famous temples in Bangkok, Wat Phra Kaew, but I heard it was pretty busy and quite expensive to get in, so I chose this temple instead. I read some great reviews and it isn’t too far away from our condo so we grabbed a taxi to the temple.

The weather was a bit grim and it rained a little but this temple still looked amazing and we were shocked at how tall it was. Tickets were 50 baht each to get inside, a tourist price I think, Thai’s get in for free. The first building we saw was the enormous white one with 4 towers built around it. There are stairs going all the way up to the top but most of them were cordoned off.



We then headed out the gates on the other side because I wanted to try and find somewhere to do my send off and found a little area where people were praying. You take some of the incense and light it with a candle and then say your prayers and leave the incense burning in a bowl. There are also candles you can light too. I did my little goodbye and then we wandered around the little market stalls. There’s loads of ornaments you can buy but I feel like they’re very overpriced. I wanted a souvenir though so I bought a little wooden Buddha for my Grandad.

We then wandered around the temple again and found this cute little cat just watching all the tourists around her. On the way out we also found this bright gold temple. It was so pretty, with bright colours and it glittered. The insides were gorgeous with loads of gold Buddha statues and everything was so intricately detailed.


We didn’t spend too long at the temple because we had to be somewhere but we really enjoyed our trip. It was a beautiful temple and we could’ve easily spent longer there exploring more.

If you’re ever in Bangkok, Wat Arun has got to be near the top of the list of must-see temples!

(Photos are all taken by Skye, and lighting edited by me)

Stay Happy!


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