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Phuket Day 1


Last week Skye and I went to Phuket for a few days to celebrate my birthday! I was so excited to chill on the beach and explore the island but had no idea that the forecast was rain for the whole week!

We arrived Tuesday night to our amazing accommodation in Mai Khao. I’ll be doing another blog post all about the accommodation soon!

We pretty much went straight to bed and the next morning it was already chucking it down when we woke up. But we packed our bags for the day anyway and rented a car. We got a Toyota Vios for 1000 baht a day, so about £25 a day. The first place we made our way to was the Big Buddha. You have to drive all the way up the mountain and as we got closer to the top, the foggier it got outside. When we actually reached the top it was throwing it down and it was that foggy that we couldn’t even see the Buddha at times. It was still quite nice though and a really nice place to explore. But my sandals got ruined so we had to go buy some pumps instead.


We then went and grabbed some dinner and then made our way to Wat Chalong, a temple not far from the Buddha. Lucky for us the sun came out and it was really hot! It was such a beautiful temple with a few others in the same grounds.


After the temple we drove across the island to Patong Beach as we wanted to see what Patong was like. It was super busy, especially driving through. It’s definitely a touristy place with lots of restaurants and shops. And the beach was really busy too! The sun was still shining luckily and we had a bit of a wander down Bangla Road with all the bars.


We then went back to the hotel and swam around in the pool for a bit. Then we got ready to go out for tea. Our hotel is a bit out of the way so we had to drive for a while to find somewhere to eat. We eventually found somewhere to eat called Rico’s and it was amazing! Skye ate a pizza and I had spaghetti bolognese and it was the nicest spag bol I’ve had since being in Thailand!

We then just headed straight back to the hotel and went to bed as we were exhausted!

I’ll post all about our second day tomorrow, the sun was shining and we spent the day at the beach!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Stay Happy


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