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Phuket Day 2


On the 2nd day of our Phuket trip we woke up to glorious sunshine! We didn’t want to waste any daylight so got up and went straight out. We headed to Karon beach but the sea was really far in and it was too busy so we headed to lunch with one of Skye’s friends. On the way we found this amazing viewpoint, I’m not entirely sure where it is though! It’s down the west side of the island.


After lunch we headed down South to a beach that I’d researched and thought it looked amazing! It’s called Ao Sane beach and to get there you had to drive through a resort. It’s not very ideal if you’re in a car like we were because the roads are tiny, but it’s still possible. It was such a small but nice beach, there were a few people there but it wasn’t busy. You do have to pay for sun beds too but we just got one between us. The waves were quite rough and there’s no lifeguard so you need to be careful when you go swimming in the sea. Everyone here looked out for each other though and helped each other out.

We spent all afternoon at this beach swimming and really enjoyed ourselves! We then drove all the way to the Southern part of Phuket to get ready to watch the sunset at Promthep Cape. There’s loads of shops at the top of the mountain and places to grab some food and there’s millions of spots to get amazing photos of the sunset. We headed straight to the end of the cape, a bit of a treacherous trek but well worth the amazing view!


It was such an amazing experience and even though I got bit by loads of mosquitos it was so worth it! Straight from there we headed for tea but didn’t have time for a proper meal so Mcdonalds it was! Then we rushed over to Patong to watch the Simon Cabaret show. It was good and Skye had to get up on stage at one point in front of about 400 people! It was hilarious!

Then we headed straight back to our hotel and I got a lovely surprise off the staff of Anantara. They wrote me a birthday card and made a gorgeous chocolate cake and ice cream. They even left me some birthday candles. Such a lovely surprise!


We then ran a bath and used a Lush bath bomb and just relaxed until heading off to bed!

The next day was my birthday! It was another scorching day but we had to give the car back so we stayed at the hotel all morning. We went in the pool and had a few drinks at the pool bar. We also got a little burnt oops!

We then checked out of our hotel, left our luggage with them and then went for a wander down to the beach. It was lovely, although so hot!


We then had some sandwiches for dinner and made our way back to the airport for our flight back to Bangkok. When I got home I’d received a parcel from home with some birthday cards in from my family and it was the perfect end to the best trip.



We had the most amazing few days away for my birthday and I really enjoyed myself. I couldn’t have done it without Skye’s parents for the accommodation, my amazing family for making it possible and Skye for booking the flights as my present! I can’t wait to explore more of Thailand!

I hope you liked these two posts! I’ll have my review up of the hotel in the next few days and a new makeup look out tomorrow hopefully!

If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, check it out here! Phuket Day 1

Stay Happy


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