Makeup Wishlist!

Today I thought I’d write a list of all the makeup items I’ve been craving! Some of these I’ve wanted for ages and others are quite new. Lets get into it!

P.Louise Palette


I recently ordered the P.Louise base, my mum is bringing it out with her, but I also wanted to get the P.Louise palette. I’ve heard such amazing things about this palette, literally haven’t heard a negative review of it. If you don’t know P.Louise you really need to look into her, she started a makeup academy in Manchester that has completely blown up. She does amazing makeup looks and teaches lots of people. Her base has been used by Nikkie Tutorials plenty of times who claims it’s the best base. Here’s the link!

Stacey Marie Carnival Palette


Another palette that looks amazing! I’ve heard the best reviews about this and the colours in it look incredible! Looks like a proper festival palette and I’m so glad Stacey made this palette and I’m proud of her hard work! Here’s the link!

The Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette


I’ve literally wanted this palette since it came out ages ago. Morphe palettes are my favourite brand of eyeshadow and the colours in this palette are gorgeous, especially the blues and copper tones. I’ve heard great things about this so I want to try it out for myself. Here’s the link!

Peaches & Cream Mermaze Pigment


In the FB Makeup group I’m a part of, this pigment is one of the most popular shadows. It shows teal reflects and makes any makeup look incredible. I’ve never used pigments before but would definitely try these Peaches & Cream ones! Here’s the link!

Peaches & Cream Gatsby Pigment


Another Peaches & Cream pigment that I want to try. With a gorgeous brown smokey eye I think using this would just make the eyeshadow pop! Here’s the link!

Ofra Glazed Doughnut Highlighter


I’ve heard so many good things about this highlighter and I know a lot of YouTubers and bloggers that use it regularly. I’ve never had anything from Ofra before and would love to give it a try! Here’s the link!


Thanks for reading and if anyone has any of these products let me know how they are!

Stay Happy!


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