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A-Z of Just Sarah

Hey everyone!

I’ve seen a few people doing this and I’ve only ever introduced myself when I started my blog over a year ago! Since then I’ve gained a few more lovely followers so I thought I’d do a little get to know me in the style of A-Z! It was harder than I thought it was going to be actually but here we go!


I don’t drink alcohol at all! I used to drink occasionally when I was younger and thought it made me ‘cool’ but I don’t anymore. I get the weirdest comments off people, most of them say ‘I wish I didn’t’ but I’ve even been asked if I’m allergic to alcohol. The truth is I just don’t like the taste of booze and don’t like the feeling it gives me!


I’m such a huge beach bum, whether it’s a beach in Wales or a lovely warm beach here in Thailand. I love to find secluded little beaches, so you’ll never find me on a busy beach!



My birthday is 20th July so yes that does make me a cancer star sign! I relate a lot to some characteristics of a cancer, I’m such a home body and love spending time with my family. And I am creative and I feel I am loyal and sympathetic.


I loooove dancing! I’ve grown up doing all sorts of dancing, ballet, hip hop for a few weeks, belly dancing and even pole dancing! I love to dance but I just don’t do it very much anymore! (And I’m not that good!)


One of the best days I’ve had was when I went to an elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai, and I loved it! Such an amazing day at Maerim Elephant Sanctuary!


My family is the most important thing to me in the world and I miss them all so much! Luckily they’re visiting on the 27th August so I’m beyond excited to show them around Thailand!


Another one of my favourite days was my Graduation day. I was surrounded by my friends and family and celebrating the three years of hard work I’d just finished!



One of my absolute favourite times of year! I love watching horror movies and love getting dressed up even more. Last year I did the 31 days of halloween and I enjoyed it so much! Debating doing it again this October!


Instagram has been debated over for the longest time since they changed their algorithm but it’s still my favourite social media account. I got Instagram when it first came out and I love being able to scroll through all my old photos and memories! Check out my Instagram here!

Just Sarah’s Vlogs

If you don’t know already I have a YouTube Channel. I’ve had this channel for about 3 years now and I always come and go from using it. I don’t have a huge following but again I love being able to watch back all my old videos and memories. If you’d like to check out my channel, here is is!


I’m a full believer in karma. Whatever actions and thoughts you give out to the universe will come right back round to bite you. ‘Karma’s a bitch.’

Lilo & Stitch

No doubt one of my favourite films in the world! I was obsessed with this as a child and even now I have two Stitch teddies. When I went to Disney World we wandered around trying to find them for so long and only found them on our last day, I was so excited!

Miss Peregrine


Weird name for a cat I know! Sadly our cat passed away Christmas of 2016 and it really rocked us. We’ve always had cats in the house and it seemed so silent after he passed away. So in the New Years we looked to adopt a rescue cat from the Cats Protection near us. Miss Peregrine was found with her newborn kittens (her peculiar children) in somebody’s back garden and as soon as I saw her picture I knew I wanted her. She’s the cutest smallest cat I’d ever seen. She’s also the weirdest cat we’ve ever had. She still isn’t great with strangers, even my dad but she’s so loving and loves to play! I miss her loads!


Easily one of my favourite makeup brands, probably over half of my makeup collection is from NYX. I love how affordable the brand is and I own so many of their liquid lipsticks!

One Direction

I used to have a crazy obssession with One Direction when I was in High School and college. I wasn’t like a crying fangirl all the time but I loved the boys and their music. I’ve been to watch them in concert 3 years running I think! And I even had an Instagram fan account where I would write fanfiction! I’m not ashamed of it at all, I met a lot of people that way and I still love the music now!


A bit of a weird one but gosh I love pasta! I could literally eat it everyday for the rest of my life!


Only my friends know this about me but at home in England my Dad actually breeds and sells these birds called Quails. He has done for a long time now so I’ve grown up with them. Everyone is always wanting to see them in the back garden when they come round which is great but they do stink a lot which is not so great.

Ribby Hall Village

One of my favourite places ever! It’s a little ‘village’ near Blackpool that has a hotel, little bungalows, ponds, fields and forests, a swimming pool and sports centre and even a starbucks! I’ve grown up going there with my family every year and I love every second of it!


My amazing boyfriend! I don’t talk much about him on my blog but he’s so supportive of me. We first met in High School and became friends but then didn’t really speak until two years ago when I saw him again. And the rest is history! He’s brought me on the adventure of a lifetime and I can’t thank him enough for that!



So I still need to do a post about what I’m actually doing over here but for people that don’t know, I am currently living in Bangkok in Thailand! I’ll do a more in depth post all about it soon!


I studied for three years at Edge Hill University, studying Film and TV Production. I had the best three years there and met some amazing people!


V-Fest is the only festival I’ve ever been too but I absolutely loved it! Being surrounded by all your friends and great music is one of the best feelings. Unfortunately the weather has been rubbish everytime we’ve been but we didn’t let it get us down! Also who else loves festival fashion and makeup?!


A longing to travel has always been a part of me and travelling to Asia has been amazing! I want to see so many places and learn all about so many different cultures in the meanwhile. I’ll always have a strong desire to travel but I also love being home too!


Another one of my favourite times of the year. I love the atmosphere Christmas brings and spending all that time with the whole family. And the food is the best too!


I spend A LOT of time watching YouTube videos! I think YouTube has changed a lot since I started watching it and the content is a lot different to what it used to be. I’m not happy with all the shade and drama that’s going on at the minute so I stay away from it but I still like watching different people. If you want to see the people I’m obsessed with check it out here! 


Not a very exciting one but the only Z I could think of! Zante was my first girls holiday and as scary as it was I actually had an amazing trip! It brought me so much closer to my friends and I have some great memeories from it!


So I hoped you liked this little insight into my life and got to know more things about me! Thanks for reading!

Stay Happy!



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