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Plane Friendly Makeup Routine

With all the travelling I’ve been doing lately I’ve had to take minimal makeup with me because usually we only take hand luggage with us. So with that I had to only bring what I really needed, and not big bottles of anything. It’s so hard for me because I love makeup, and choosing what to take is super difficult. I wear this makeup more on a daily basis,  and I get so many comments saying how completely different I look with more makeup on!


So today I thought I’d show you my daily makeup that I use/makeup that is suitable to take in your hand luggage on a trip with you!


Firstly brushes! This is so hard for me because I use a lot of brushes on the daily so I tried to only choose ones that I really need.


  • Highlighter brush- I could probably do without this and just use my fingers, I just like the effect this brush gives! This is just a cheap brush I got in a set.
  • Powder brush- This is a must for me so that I can apply my powder, especially in this heat! Again this is just a cheap brush from a set.
  • Real Techniques Bronzer brush- This is another must as without bronzer I’m so pale. This is my favourite brush to use for bronzer.
  • Morphe Blending brush- I have so many eyeshadow brushes but this is by far my favourite. I use it to just brush some eyeshadow across my lid and blend it out.

Next is all my powders!


  • NYX Finishing Powder- I use this as my powder all the time now, my other Rimmel one has broken! It’s still a good powder but I usually use this more on nights out.
  • Makeup Revolution Baked Bronzer in Ready To Go- This is my go to bronzer and I wear this pretty much everyday.
  • Makeup Revolution Baked Highlighter in Golden Lights- This is my favourite highlighter ever and always gives me such a good glow.

Next up is just a mish mash of all the rest of my makeup!


  • Eyelash Curlers- I don’t go anywhere without these because as you can see I have non existent eyelashes!
  • Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer- My all time favourite concealer, definitely a must have.
  • No7 Stay Perfect Foundation- When I brought my foundations out here I decanted them all into smaller bottles so that I didn’t have to bring heavy bottles with me and these are the perfect size to go in your hand luggage. I also love this foundation so I always bring it with me.
  • Real Techniques Beauty Blender- My mum bought me these little ones for Christmas and they’re so handy. I use them for my concealer but instead of bringing my big one I just bring one of these little guys and use it for both my concealer and foundation.
  • Nivea Peach Shine Lip Balm- I never really take any lipsticks with me when I go away but this is nice because it’s a lip balm but also has a peach shine to it so gives you a bit of colour. It also smells gorgeous too!
  • Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara- The only mascara I brought with me so of course it has to come!

Lastly brows!


  • Makeup Revolution Eyebrow Kit- I use this kit so much! Also excuse the absolute mess that it’s turned into, I accidentally left my straighteners on the case and melted the plastic and the inside! I use the second lightest colour on my brows, and even use the little brushes that it came with. I then carve my brows out a little with the little brush too. If I want some colour on my eyes, I use a deep brown in my crease and then blend it out with the lightest brown to create a nice effect. It really is a multi-use palette!

So that’s my daily makeup look, and the products I take with me on trips! Obviously there are things that not everyone will take with them as they don’t use them, bronzer and highlighter for example, but these are all the things I like to use daily. They’re also great for travelling and fitting into your hand luggage for a trip!

I hope you liked this blog post! Let me know in the comments what makeup product you definitely cannot live without taking on a trip with you!

Stay Happy!


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