Plastic Free August

Last month I did the Plastic Free July challenge of using less single use plastic. If you want to check that post out, click here!


I want to try and keep track of all the things I can do each month that means we use less plastic. I got the challenge from and they’re a great organisation that wants you to stop using single use plastic in your home such as carrier bags, plastic straws and coffee cups. We really need to try and help save our planet!

So let’s see how we did this month!

  • We carried on using backpacks and our own bags for our shopping so that we didn’t keep collecting plastic bags. This is something that I will probably continue forever now because it’s just so easy to maintain.
  • Still didn’t use any plastic straws this month! If I was offered one in a restaurant I would just leave it be. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anywhere that sells bamboo or metal straws so I’ll have to try and look again this month!
  • We officially stopped buying small plastic bottles too! We bought ourselves some reusable water bottles that we just keep filling up. But because in Thailand you can’t drink the tap water we still have to buy bottles of water but we just use the 5L ones now and refill our water bottles. We love them and it makes us drink more water too!

For next month I want to be doing a lot of the same and being more conscious of how much plastic we use and throw away and think of more ways that we can cut down!

Let me know if you have any tips to use less single use plastic or if you’re trying the challenge!

Stay Happy


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