How I edit my Instagram Pictures – Lightroom Edit

I’ve only had Lightroom for a few months but I love it! I grew up using Picmonkey and it was great and all but limits some of the things you can do. So I researched into Lightroom and decided it was a good idea! I pay £9.99 a month for it and it’s so worth it. The possibilities are endless for editing your photos.

When I was in school I used to edit my photos within every inch for their life, but I loved the fantasy editing so none of my photos looked real. Here are a few examples I’ve found waaay down my Instagram!

I love this type of editing and that’s why my pictures will always be a little over the top. This is my true passion but not everyone likes heavy editing!

So on my Instagram a lot of the photos are travel ones and I don’t edit them heavily anymore. In most of them I just edit the lighting and increase the saturation of some of the colours. I’ll show you a few specific ones below!


Thailand is a very easy place to get great photos. Everywhere you turn is a beautiful shot, even without editing. For this picture in particular I wanted to lighten the picture and increase the saturation so the blues really popped.

These are the settings I used for this picture. I used the Auto to change the lighting setting which is easily the best way for a one touch edit. The auto light changed it perfectly but sometimes makes it look a little fake so I change the settings afterwards too. As for the colours I just increased the vibrance and saturation. I slightly changed the hue of the aqua colour too, to make the sea a little more green than blue. And then increased the saturation of the aqua and blue for the sea and sky.



For this photo I wanted to keep the shadows dark but lighten them slightly. I also wanted to increase the saturation of the sun and sea.

I used the auto light setting again for this photo but it made the shadows too light so I played around with it until I got it how I wanted. I increased blue to make the sea pop out more and also the yellow and orange to really make the sunset brighter.



For this photo I wanted it a little over edited than normal. I wanted it to look sunny and for us to look more tanned!

I used the auto lighting again to fix the light and then didn’t touch the colours much. I increased the vibrance of the colours and then I added one of the presets that Lightroom comes with. These are great if you want to try out different already made edits. You can also add your own presets. I used the Warm Shadows preset which creates this warm glow in the photo, perfect to give you a bit of a tan!



For this photo I just wanted to lighten and make all the colours brighter.

Again I used the auto lighting which made my back a lot lighter and made the clouds pop. For the colours I made the sea a greener shade and increased the saturation. I also increased the saturation and vibrance of the whole photo to get this.



For this edit I just wanted to make it brighter, as it was quite a dull day, and make the colours pop. I also had to crop and adjust the lines.

So that both of the temple pillars were straight I used the straighten tool until I was happy with them. I then cropped it best I could so that both sides were as symmetrical as I could get them.

After this I used the auto to brighten the whole photo and increased the whites so that the walls of the temple really stood out. The colours I concentrated most on with this photo was the red and gold. I wanted them brighter but to not look over the top. And I also increased the temperature slightly to make it look like it was taken on a sunny day.


So these are just a few examples of how I edit different sorts of photos. I know I’m still new to this and have a lot of learning to do but I just thought I’d share some insight into how I edit my photos. If you’d like to have a look at the rest of my Instagram check it out here!

Hope you enjoyed this! Let me know what you think in the comments!

Stay Happy!


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