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Life Update! Family Visit and New Beginnings!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a talky blog post and what a better time than now! I haven’t really been on social media or my blog much this month because I’ve had a lot going on in my life!

On 27th August my mum, dad and brother flew out to visit me in Thailand. I was beeeyond excited to see them! After a rough flight with not much sleep we headed back to my apartment so freshen up and have some sleep if they needed. Then we checked them into their first place in Bangkok. That night we had a gorgeous Chinese meal near their apartment which is one of mine and Skye’s favourite places to eat. After a good nights sleep we spent the day after at Wat Arun, one of my favourite temples.


We then met Skye after he finished work and went for afternoon tea at Anantara Siam which was gorgeous.

The day after we went to the Ancient City in Bangkok, well about a 40 minute drive out of Bangkok. It’s pretty much a huuuge park full of replicas of Thai buildings and temples and it’s unreal! You also get to ride around on bicycles! I’ll do a full blog post about it in the future.



The day after we took the short journey down to Phuket for a few days and were pleasantly surprised by the gorgeous weather. We pretty much just chilled by the pool for the whole three days trying not to burn! But we had some awesome meals including steaks and Mexican!

Then we flew up to Chiang Mai for a few days to stay with Skye’s mum. It was so much fun even though there were 13 of us sharing the house! If you want to see how that’s possible, check out my vlog about the house here!

During our time in Chiang Mai we relaxed and also went back to Maerim Elephant Sanctuary again! I’ll do a full post about this place too but we loved our day there again,  and seeing these beautiful creatures up close.


I also took them back to The Grand Canyon Waterpark which was one of the funniest days ever! It’s even bigger than the last time we went, with loads more inflatables. Me and Skye’s brother also did a 50ft cliff jump! It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done and water shot straight up my nose and I couldn’t hear all day but it was exhilarating. I also didn’t realise until the next day but it also gave me a black eye!


Chiang Mai was so much fun, we even took all the family to our favourite Lady Boy show which was unreal! We all enjoyed ourselves so much!

Then we flew back to Bangkok for the last few days. We went to the Chatuchak weekend market which is unreal, and literally sells everything you can think of. It’s ginormous and we were there for a good few hours and still didn’t get through the whole place. And then the day after we spent the day at the Sea Life Aquarium in Siam, another one of my favourite places.

But then unfortunately it was time for them to go home. I was heartbroken having to say goodbye, let’s just say things got a bit emotional, I was a mess! But they had a great journey home and now I can look back at all these unreal memories we made and start to plan for the next time I see them!


When they left I had to really kick my butt into gear because I’ve managed to bag myself a new job! I won’t go into much detail but I’ve literally been spending all of my free time concentrating on getting it right and even though I’m finding it difficult I think it’ll get easier and easier as time passes.

So this is what I’ve been upto these past few weeks, I haven’t had the time to just sit down and write for a while but I’m hoping when I settle more into this job, I will have some more free time.

I can’t wait to be more active on social media and make lots of new blogging friends! Hope you liked this post!

Stay Happy!


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