31 Days of Halloween 2018, Make-up

Pixie of the Forest (6/31)

Not going to lie I’ve always wanted to try out elf ears, so this year I made my dream a reality! Can you believe that these are also homemade (by my amazing and patient boyfriend!) Let’s get started!

Firstly to make the ears I just used air drying clay. That’s one thing that there is a lot of here! I bought a little packet of kids stuff for about 50 baht = £1.25 ish and it’s the weirdest stuff! It’s almost liquidy until you start playing with it and then you can mould it into whatever you want. Skye made me these cute ears and when it dries, it’s almost like foam, so really light and not completely solid so I can still move it around. I left them to dry for about 36 hours.

To apply them to my ears I used some liquid latex on the inside and stuck them on top of my ears. Straight away I then used the liquid latex and some tissue to stick the edges of the fake ear into my own to stop it from falling off. Be careful though, I’ve still got some liquid latex stuck in my hair…

Once I’d covered the edges I left them to dry. To make it easier I also used a head scarf to tie around them and my head to make them dry standing up straight.

(Disclaimer- Eyes, hair and lighting has been edited but the makeup hasn’t been changed)


For my face I used the Maybelline Fit Me concealer for my blemishes and the No7 Stay Perfect foundation all over my face. I then highlighted under my eyes with the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. To set all of that I used the NYX HD Finishing Powder.

For my brows I used the NYX Tame & Fame Brow pomade, like always, and carved them out with the P.Louise Base.


To start on my eyes I used the brightest green shade from the Morphe 35c palette. It’s unbelievably bright, especially when applied on top of the palette. I used it in the crease and then blended it out with a little bit of the turquoise shade on a blending brush. To deepen I used the darkest green shade from the palette and blended it into my crease and a little bit out towards my hairline. And to make it even darker I used the dark green shade Apa from the Juvias Place The Magic palette.

To cut my crease I used the P.Louise Rumour Base and on top of that used this gorgeous shimmery green shade Buzo from The Magic palette. This is literally one of the most beautiful shimmers I’ve ever used. I then used the bright and dark greens underneath my eye and joined them up towards the wing. To finish the eyes I applied the SOSU lashes in Milan.


I then used the bright green shade up either side of my nose up towards my eyebrows and onto my forehead. I used the same colour on my temples and under my cheekbones to contour my face. I then went in the shade Apa from The Magic palette to deepen that contour on my cheeks. To add a little bit of blush I used a bright pink shade from the Morphe 35c palette. I also added a bit of the same colour on my cupids bow and the corner of my eyeshadow.


Using some Smiffys white face paint I wanted the crescent moon on my forehead and the lines along my nose. I also used it to draw the lip from my lips to my chin and the little dots over my eyebrows and cheeks for freckles. And finally for my lips I used the NYX lipgloss firstly and then patted on the Buzo shade from The Magic palette. I then used the Apa shade to deepen the inside of my lips giving it an ombre effect.

To finish off the ears I just covered them with the same foundation I used and then covered them in powder. I then used a brown shade from the Morphe 35c palette to add a bit of detail.

And that’s the look finished! For the little flowers in my hair, I just found them in a stationary shop in Bangkok!

I hope you enjoyed this look! Don’t forget to check out yesterdays here! Killer Circus (5/31)

Stay Spooky!



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