31 Days of Halloween 2018, Make-up

Dark Elf (15/31)

I’ve already done a good fairy so now I chose to do the opposite and go for a dark elf. I used the ears that I made last time so if you want to see how we made them, check out this look- Pixie of the Forest (6/31). But lets get started on this one!


I applied my ears with some liquid latex and then left them to dry. For my face I started with the L’Oreal Infallible primer on my t-zone and used the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer on my blemishes. For foundation I mixed a little bit of the Fenty Beauty foundation with some white Snazaroo face paint to create a paler foundation. I then used the NYX HD Finishing Powder to set it all.

For my brows I filled them in with a black eyeshadow from the Morphe 35c palette and carved them out with the P.Louise Rumour Base. For my eyes I used the light purple/pink shade from the same palette and blended it up all the way to my brows. In my crease I blended the darker purple colour and then covered my lid with black eyeshadow and blended it out. I then applied the SOSU lashes in Dubai and added some mascara. I then I used the pink/purple shade again to draw the lines coming from the bottom of my eyes and blended any harsh lines. I then did the same with the black eyeshadow. For the glitter I just applied some Vaseline and then some black glitter.


For the upside down cross on my forehead I cut the shape I wanted out of paper and stuck it to my head with eyelash glue. I then used the pink/purple shade with go around the piece of paper and above my eyes and down my nose. I then went in closer to the paper with the purple shade and then peeled off the paper to get this outline.

To contour slightly I just used a grey eyeshadow and used the Makeup Revolution baked highlighter in Golden Lights.

And lastly I used the NYX Liquid Suede in Subversive Socialite on my lips and added a little line of silver glitter liner on my bottom lip. I also just added a little bit of purple shadow to the tips of the ears and that’s the look finished!

If you haven’t already don’t forget to check out yesterdays look here! Cruella de Vil (14/31)

Stay Spooky!



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