31 Days of Halloween 2018, Make-up

Día de Muertos (17/31)

Today is surprise surprise, another skull! I’m happy with how this has turned out, and will always be excited to do Sugar Skulls. Lets get started!


First I used the L’Oreal Infallible primer to smooth out my skin. I then used the black Snazaroo face paint to draw the lines around my eyes where I wanted the sockets to be. I then painted the rest of my face with the white Smiffys face paint.

For my eyes I used the bright red shade from the P.Louise palette and put it all over my eyes and underneath. I then blended some black eyeshadow around the red and into the face paint. I also applied the YIWU lashes.

IMG_8169With the black face paint, I painted a semi circle on my forehead, the little spots around my eyes, the skull nose and I drew the skull mouth and teeth and flower on my chin. For the flower and semi circle I used the same red shade to fill in it and over that I applied a layer of vaseline and some red glitter. I also put some red glitter on my eyes. For the teeth and a bit of the jaw I used some grey eyeshadow to create some shadows.

And that’s the look finished! For the flowers over my forehead, I just found them in a craft shop in Bangkok and glued them to my head with some liquid latex.

I hope you like this version of a sugar skull, they’re always so much fun to paint! If you haven’t already, check out yesterdays look! Black Widow (16/31)

Stay Spooky,



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