31 Days of Halloween 2018, Make-up

Classic Skull (24/31)

So for todays look I though you might be bored of seeing my mug so I chose to do my boyfriend’s mug instead! I thought it would be easier to do a skull on someone else but it’s actually so much harder! Let’s get started on this classic skull!


To start with I used the L’Oreal Infallible primer all over his face to smooth out his skin. I then used the NYX white eyeliner to draw the lines where I wanted his eye sockets to go. I then used the Smiffys white face paint all over the rest of his face. I did two layers so this. I then drew around his eye sockets with the Snazaroo black face paint and filled them in. Around his eye I didn’t want to use paint so filled it in with black eyeshadow.

I then drew around his temples with the black paint and used a clean brush to blend it down his face. I also drew on the nose and filled that it.


To start with the mouth I drew a black line from the corner of his mouth to where I wanted it to finish. I then drew out the block on his jaw that I wanted to fill in and started to draw the socket of the cheek. I drew another circle inside that and blended it out to give it some shadows. I then did the other side, which was so hard to match! I then started with the teeth. I drew vertical lines over each side so they were even and then filled the inside of the lips with black. I also drew the lines coming from the teeth and into the jaw. I then used a small brush to blend the black on the teeth to create some shadows.


And lastly I used a thin brush with a little bit of grey eyeshadow on to add shadow to each of the sockets. to just add a bit more dimension.

And that’s the look finished! This is quite a simple look but it honestly took me all day! Do not under estimate a classic skull. If you haven’t already, check out yesterdays look! She Devil (23/31)

Stay Spooky!


4 thoughts on “Classic Skull (24/31)”

    1. Thank you lovely! Ironically I actually have no idea what I want to be 😂 but I love skulls so maybe something with that! How about you?


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