31 Days of Halloween 2018, Make-up

Colourful Clown (28/31)

Todays look is inspired by the amazing Penelope Gwen MUA! I’ve been so obssessed with her lately and this Halloween look she did was insane. It’s so different from my normal style but I really enjoyed trying it out! The tutorial I followed is here!


The first thing I did was use the L’Oreal primer all over my face to smooth out my skin before using the white cream face paint all over. I then used a mixture of the Morphe 35c palette and the NYX Ultimate Brights palette to start adding the colour. I started with the yellow from the Morphe 35c palette on opposite sides of each eye. I then built that up with the green from the same palette. I used the dark purple next on the outer corner of my eyes. I then used each of the other colours, orange and turquoise from the Morphe 35c palette and the pink from the Ultimate Brights palette, to surround both my eyes. You don’t have to be perfect with these colours and can put them wherever you want.


I then used the Maybelline mascara to create these clown lines coming from each of my eyes. Again the messier with this the better so don’t worry about it being perfect. I then used the NYX liquid liner to define the lines and also went over the mascara with some black eyeshadow. I then applied the SOSU lashes in Dubai on my lid and used a pair of Red Cherry lashes under my eyes. I then used the pink and orange shades on my nose and did the same with the mascara.

I also did the same for my mouth, using the colours to create a clown mouth. I then used the mascara to create the messy lips. I used the NYX white eyeliner to add some highlights to my whole face too. I added a little bit of contour from the Sleek palette and some Fenty Beauty highlighter. I then used the light pink shades from the Morphe 35c palette for blusher.

For a last touch I used the NYX Lipgloss to make my lips, nose and eyes to make them look glossy.

And that’s the look finished! I hope you like this different style of makeup from me! If you haven’t already, check out my last post! Eye Spy (27/31)

Stay Spooky!


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