31 Days of Halloween 2018, Make-up

We Are Venom (30/31)

One of my favourite looks so far! I watched this film last week and fell in love! So I just had to do a look for my 31 Days of Halloween! This took me a good few hours so lets get started!


To start off I used the NYX white eyeliner to draw out the line where I wanted Venom’s eye and teeth to be. I then started with the normal side of my face. I used the Fenty Beauty foundation over that side and used the Collection concealer under my eyes to get rid of my bags. For my brow I used the NYX Tame & Fame brow pomade and carved it out with the P.Louise Rumour base.

For my one eye I used the P.Louise palette. I used the yellow shade above my crease and blended it up towards my brow. In my crease I used the orange shade, which is one of the nicest oranges I’ve ever used. To deepen my crease I then used the red shade from the palette. And finally over my lid I used the dark red shade from the Morphe 35n palette. I used the same colour under my eyes too and applied the one YIWU lash and some mascara.

I bronzed my cheeks with the Makeup Revolution baked bronzer in Ready To Go. I highlighted my cheekbones with the Makeup Revolution baked highlighter in Golden Lights.


I then went on to the other side. I filled in the eye and the teeth with the white Smiffys face paint. Just above the teeth, for the gums, I used the NYX Lip Cream in Copenhagen to draw roughly where I want them to be and filled it in. I then painted the rest of my face with the black Snazaroo face paint. As I got closer to the ‘normal’ side of my face I drew the squiggly lines as if it was taking me over, like it does in the film. I also used the same technique going all the way down my neck as if it was spreading.

Over that I used some of the white paint on a thin brush and did some more lines going to the centre of my face. I filled in in the gaps between the teeth with the black too. To add some shadow I used some grey eyeshadow to add some shadows around the gums and on the teeth to make them look more realistic. I added some of the Copenhagen lipstick on my lips too and blended some black eyeshadow on my lips.

And that’s the look done! Obviously the eye is edited so it looks more realistic but I’m super happy with how this look has turned out! Only one more day to go! If you haven’t already, check out yesterdays post! Favourites (29/31)

Stay Spooky!


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