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Life Update! Yee Ping Festival + Moving to Chiang Mai

So my last blog post was so long ago! I’ve literally had the craziest couple of weeks! The end of this year is going so quickly, it’ll be 2019 before you know it!

Since my last blog post I came up to Chiang Mai for a few days to celebrate Skye’s birthday with his family which was lovely. He got a tattoo and we just had a chilled few days. Luckily it was also Yee Ping/Loy Krathong festival in Chiang Mai which was unreal! It had been on my bucketlist since I saw pictures of the festival last year and I read lots of blogs about it but I still didn’t know what to expect!


I don’t think anything could prepare we for what I saw! We first saw the lanterns from such a distance that they just looked like little stars in the sky. As we drove closer I saw all these incredible lanterns floating up towards the sky and they created the most beautiful patterns. When we got right to the heart of it all it was insane to see this massive group of people setting off these lanterns.


We set off a few lanterns for the people that we missed and just sat and watched the night sky in awe. It was an unreal experience and one of my favourite things that’s happened whilst being in Thailand. If you ever have the chance to be in Thailand for the festival, it’s a must!


We then travelled back to Bangkok where Skye and I had a long conversation about what we wanted whilst we were in Thailand. Originally we moved here because we wanted an adventure and hopefully make some money but living in Bangkok was quite draining for us. Skye would go to work everyday whilst I stayed home then when he got back we would just eat and watch TV. We had no motivation to do anything and if it wasn’t for a few amazing friends we found, we’d have spent all of our time inside!

So we decided to move up to Chiang Mai to live with Skye’s parents. He worked his notice and then a few days later we were driving for 12 hours from Bangkok to Chiang Mai with all of our belongings. (And a kitten, not ours unfortunately)


And this is where we’ve been ever since! Chiang Mai has always been my favourite place in Thailand and I’m so happy that we can finally live here. The whole place is so relaxing and quite peaceful compared to Bangkok. So for now we’re planning on setting up some exciting things for the future in Chiang Mai!


Stay Happy,


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